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Vogue ranks Milos as the place to be in 2017

The Cycladic island was named the 'most stylish and Instagrammable' destination to visit in the New Year

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Panoramic view of the pictorial Kleftiko cove located at the south coast of Milos island, Cyclades, Greece.

09 February 2017

A different Cycladic island has taken the spotlight in 2017, this time being Milos.

The island was selected by travel stylist Maria Paradisis for leading fashion magazine Vogue Australia as the most stylish and Instagrammable destination to visit in the New Year.

Described by Paradisis as an "undiscovered paradise", she said the island's biggest appeal is that it boasts more than 70 beaches, highlighting Kleftiko and Sarakiniko, that latter of which has completely different rock formations in contrast to beaches on other Greek islands.

"This otherworldly paradise will have you feeling as though you've landed on the moon thanks to its smooth limestone rock formation that makes up the impressive landscape," Paradisis wrote.

She also noted the island's fame for the discovery of the Venus de Milo, the statue of the ancient Greek goddess of love and beauty Aphrodite, which was found in 1820 and now resides on permanent display in Paris' Louvre Museum.

Also making it into Paradisis' Top 5 were Cartagena, Colombia; Sri Lanka's Tea Trails; Taormina, Italy; and Dubrovnik in Croatia.

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