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Food & Drink

  • 2 Feb 2012 (0)

    Presentation makes all the difference between a good dish and a great one, writes Penni Pappas

  • 31 Jan 2012 (0)

    Another great summer and cleansing recipe, try recreating Dora's black eyed bean salad at home.

  • 31 Jan 2012 (0)

    Dora Kitinas-Gogos gives us her recipe for a very Greek style coleslaw.

  • 27 Jan 2012 (0)

    Soups aren’t just a winter comfort food, you can still enjoy them in the summer sun.

  • 24 Jan 2012 (0)

    Dora Kitinas-Gogos shows us how to make the staple veggie soup, but give the pesto a Greek twist.

  • 23 Jan 2012 (0)

    A great summer recipe, try this salad by resident foodie Dora Kitinas-Gogos.

  • 17 Jan 2012 (0)

    Move over briki, summertime is all about shaking up a frothy frappe or a cool freddoccino.

  • 13 Jan 2012 (0)

    Dora Kitinas-Gogos gives us some new ideas to create delicious dishes using paximadia.

  • 9 Jan 2012 (0)

    Dora Kitinas-Gogos shares a salad rich in antioxidants, the humble beetroot salad will help you detox your way to a happy, healthier you.

  • 4 Jan 2012 (0)

    A great cleansing recipe for the new year.

  • 30 Dec 2011 (0)

    Dora Kitinas-Gogos makes magic from Christmas leftovers with her kotopita (chicken pie) recipe.

  • 28 Dec 2011 (0)

    Resident foodie Dora Kitinas-Gogos gives us a rundown of the history of the vasilopita and the importance of this bread at the start of the new year.

  • 26 Dec 2011 (0)

    From pites to salads, Penni Pappas gives you an alternative to eating turkey sandwiches for a week after Christmas.

  • 22 Dec 2011 (0)

    Resident foodie, Dora Kitinas-Gogos takes us through recipes for regional Greek Christmas delights.

  • 21 Dec 2011 (0)

    Chef Vas Donoudis took up the challenge of using all Greek ingredients to create a pasta 'Go Greek' style.

  • 20 Dec 2011 (2)

    John Pandazopoulos MP urges us to 'Go Greek' this Christmas.

  • 16 Dec 2011 (0)

    If you’re looking for that traditional youvetsi recipe, or want to make a smashing Grecian dessert, Penni Pappas gives you a guide to the best cookbooks to try and buy.

  • 12 Dec 2011 (0)

    In this week's recipe, Dora shows us a simple side-dish that's fit for a king, Greek-style oven-baked chips

  • 8 Dec 2011 (0)

    Penni Pappas takes a look at the Ariousios winery, a winery that is giving back to Chios its winemaking reputation.

  • 6 Dec 2011 (0)

    This week, Dora looks at a recipe from Corfu, heavily influenced by Venetian cuisine.

  • 1 Dec 2011 (0)

    In this week's recipe, Dora gives us an amazing example of how to make Baklava with dried apricots and walnuts.

  • 28 Nov 2011 (0)

    Dora Kitinas-Gogos sheds some light on the murky history of baklava.

  • 25 Nov 2011 (0)

    Dora Kitinas-Gogos shows us how to stuff delicate zucchini flowers with feta and walnuts.

  • 23 Nov 2011 (0)

    Penni Pappas looks at the top ten foods you should have in your pantry to whip up a Hellenic delicacy.

  • 18 Nov 2011 (0)

    Dora Kitinas-Gogos examines the history of the pressure cooker, known as gastra, in Greek cuisine and how modern Greeks are embracing their ceramic past.

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