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Food & Drink

  • 22 Jul 2011 (3)

    Every kitchen has it's own set of must-haves, but what do you need to Greekify your kitchen?

  • 15 Jul 2011 (0)

    Creta Farms' Extra Virgin Olive Oil is now on the Australian market

  • 11 Jul 2011 (1)

    Dora Kitinas-Gogos looks at the history and evolution of the versatile tomato and it's use in the Greek kitchen

  • 6 Jul 2011 (0)

    Penni Pappas uncovers hearty and rich comfort foods from the Greek kitchen

  • 29 Jun 2011 (0)

    Cookbooks out, apron on, Martha Stewart channelled - time to organise and host the perfect dinner party

  • 23 Jun 2011 (0)

    Should taramosalata be pink or white? Penni Pappas investigates

  • 23 Jun 2011 (0)

    Mike Sweet meets Georgina Dragwidge, whose stall at South Melbourne Market continues a tradition which has brought Melburnians fine potatoes and other natural produce for generatio

  • 15 Jun 2011 (0)

    The Good Food and Wine Show came to Melbourne and Neos Kosmos was there to watch George Calombaris do his thing

  • 9 Jun 2011 (0)

    Award-winning cookbook author Aglaia Kremezi gives Neos Kosmos a first-hand account of her first experience pressing olive oil

  • Chicken parmagiana
    29 May 2011 (0)

    Is the humble parma losing out to Greek food in pubs around Australia? Penni Pappas investigates the growing trend of Greek pub cuisine

  • 19 May 2011 (0)

    Festival of olives will be held at the end of this month in Mildura.

  • Dora's 'Bamies' recipe
    19 May 2011 (0)

    Here's a simple and tradiotional recipe for 'Bamies' or okra.

  • Bream with 'fava melitzanes'
    17 May 2011 (0)

    Finding good food at Airports can be a real challange, if you're on the look out for authenticity

  • 3 May 2011 (1)

    Celebrity chef talks to Neos Kosmos about the new season of MasterChef, his two new restaurants set to open in Melbourne and impending fatherhood.

  • 25 Apr 2011 (0)

    Most of us have been to Greece and going past a fourno is an experience of the three senses - the smell, the vision and, yes, the taste because how can one resist buying something,

  • 23 Apr 2011 (0)

    The Education Department of Greece is holding a cooking competition for children of Greek background from all over the world.

  • 17 Apr 2011 (0)

    Penni Pappas looks at the tradition and symbolism of Greek Easter food

  • Greek dips
    15 Apr 2011 (0)

    Penni Pappas looks at favourite Greek dips you can whip up yourself, buy readily available from the supermarket or order next time you go to a taverna

  • 4 Apr 2011 (0)

    "Whenever you were feeling sick, cold, or had an upset tummy, out would come the avgolemono soup," chef Yvonne Kaponis

  • 30 Mar 2011 (2)

    As Greek Orthodox followers begin their Easter fast, Neos Kosmos gives some alternatives to fakes

  • 23 Mar 2011 (1)

    Greek food writer Aglaia Kremezi reveals the recent history behind moussaka

  • Eating in Athens
    13 Mar 2011 (0)

    Dora Kitinas talks about her culinary experiences in the Greek capital

  • Travis McAuley and George Calombaris
    28 Feb 2011 (0)

    Penni Pappas speaks to Ross Karavis about the program of food activities he has organised for the Lonsdale Street Glendi next weekend

  • Vas Donoudis
    21 Feb 2011 (0)

    Greek Australian chef, Vas Donoudis, will leave aside his Italian cooking to explore his Greek culinary heritage at a dinner being organised as part of the Melbourne Food and Wine

  • Yvonne Kaponis. Greek cookbook.
    13 Feb 2011 (2)

    Growing up in a household of 23 extended family members was good preparation of the Greek cookbook written by Yvonne Kaponis.

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