Greece, opened its brand new, state of the art, world class museum. There is just one tiny problem – its key offerings are being illegally held by the British.

The Parthenon Marbles, as they are now called, were stolen by Lord Elgin, a man of questionable integrity, almost two centuries ago.

Then Opposition Leader Tony Blair swore an oath that he would return these most scared relics to their rightful owners were he to ever become Prime Minister of Britain.

Sadly, when he was so elected he deliberately ignored that promise and thus proved that he was no better than any other politician.

For years the British refused to return the Marbles because they claimed that there was no suitable place where they could be housed in absolute safety from the elements, from theft and yet viewed by one and all.

But with the opening of this brilliant French designed master piece of a building that excuse now as empty as the promise of Tony Blair’s British Labour party to return the Marbles.

The Parthenon is THE most sacred aspect of Hellenic heritage, a gem of the ancient and the modern wonders of the world. A characterization of the strength of spirit and the ingenuity of people thousands of years ago.

A mark of what human kind can achieve with no technology but plenty of belief in self.

Yet the British persist in keeping this treasure thus proving that theft is acceptable so long as you have might on your side.

But what would the Brits say of some genius took hold of the crown jewels? Mr Bean, we need you.

Ange Kenos, JP
Niddrie, 3042