Beam me up Scotty, for over $1000? Why not! All you Trekkies can get your very own replica of Captain Kirk’s chair, but make sure you’ve been heavily dieting.
The inflatable chair can only hold up to 54kg, and given that obesity is on the rise, that knocks out about 80 per cent of the population.

Then there’s the inflatable factor so time to toss the smokes out. So basically this chair is suitable for those of us under 12.
The chair is officially licensed and features non-functional buttons and lights printed on the arms.
Let’s all hope that ThinkGeek comes out with a more robust inflatable captain’s chair for husky Trekkies. In the meantime, I might just have to take my chances with blowing out a seam in the current version.

The Star Trek inflatable captain’s chair has been released by ThinkGeek, alongside other products such as the Star Wars Admiral Akbar Singing Bass.