The Lemnian Community of Victoria elected a new committee on Sunday, at the organisation’s General Meeting. Two days later the new committee – consisting of eleven members: Penny Angelidis, Jim Karambourniotis, Phillip Diamataris, George Giannaros, Nick Siderellis, Con Tamvakis, Nick Kydas, Sophie Siderellis, Michael Tamvakis, Harry Constandaras and Angelo Tsaptsalis – convened to elect their Executive Officers.

Phillip Diamataris was elected president and treasurer, with Jim Karambourniotis becoming Vice President and Penny Angelidis Secretary. This new committee represents a generational shift for the organisation, one of the staples of the broader Greek Community.

Following the election, Philip Diamataris, who is also known for his role as Match Commissioner for the Footbal Federation of Australia, said: “We have been given an incredible vote of confidence by the record number of members who came the clubrooms to vote on Sunday. With that honour comes an enormous responsibility to ensure we deliver on our promise to make The Lemnian Community of Victoria great again.”

He then went on to present his vision for the organisation: “A key to our vision is to re-connect with the ‘lost generation of Lemnians’ and also open our arms to the wider community,” he said. We must re-establish the Lemnian Community of Victoria as the leading Greek Community organization and ensure that is survives well into the future.”