Greece is the least satisfied nation in the European Union, according to a Eurobarometer survey released Thursday.

The survey conducted between 17 and 28 March revealed that only 52 percent of Greeks say they are satisfied with their lives, compared to an average of 83 percent across the 28-member bloc.

Over a third (35 percent) of Greek respondents claim to be satisfied with their personal financial situation, compared to a 71 percent average across the EU.

A whopping 98 percent of surveyed Greeks said their country’s economy is bad while 50 percent believe that not only is the  financial crisis still not over, but it’s going to get worse.

Looking at the country’s general well-being, 94 percent of Greeks said it is negative. This compares to the rest of the UE where an average 51 percent their general situation was positive

The survey, conducted by the EU twice a year also showed that 38 percent of the EU’s 510 million citizens thought immigration was the most important issue it faced. Concerns about terrorism came a close second with 29 percent of respondents nominating it as the most pressing issue facing the EU.

The survey showed a one point increase since autumn 2017 in the level of trust towards the EU to 42 percent. The percentage of people who felt that their voice counted in the EU was 45 percent, up one percent since the last poll.