A sapling from an Ancient Olive Tree from Vouves, located in Crete is proposed to be planted near the Anzac Memorial in Hyde Park Sydney

The Ancient Olive Tree is estimated to be at least over 3,000 years old. Nick Andriotakis, the Secretary of the Joint Committee for the Commemoration of the Battle of Crete and the Greek Campaign told Neos Kosmos the tree holds great significance for Greeks and Australians.

“The olive tree is important because that is where the Anzacs fought and died – in the olive groves of Greece,” he said. “The olive tree is also a symbolic tree of peace, longevity and wisdom.

“For us it’s the longevity of the Anzac and Greek legacy. I met the Mayor of Platanias in western Crete and they have agreed to send us original root stock so when we plant it will be 100 per cent DNA from this tree.”

The Olive Tree continues the Ancient Greek symbolism at the Anzac Memorial. Also on display is a 2,500-year-old Corinthian Grecian Urn which contains soil from the grave of an unknown Australian soldier killed in Greece during WW2 and is located at the exhibition galleries.

Located at the heart of the Anzac Memorial is also a bronze sculpture of the fallen warrior ‘Sacrifice’ which is based on the story of the Spartans from ancient Greece. Before they left for the battlefield, the Spartans warriors were told to either come home with their shield, or on it – a call to arms to be victorious or die.