The 44th Scientific Assembly will take place in Athens from 16-26 July 2022 after the Greek nomination prevailed among the other candidates – Warsaw, Lausanne and Prague.

The Committee on Space Research (COSPAR), aims to promote international Space Research and Technology and its peaceful exploration, and was voted for Athens during the first round of the 42nd COSPAR Congress in Pasadena, California. More than 3,300 space scientists from around the world attended it.

The conference, known as “Space Olympics”, is held every two years in a different continent. In Athens, there are expected to be more than 4,000 international space experts from international educational centres and research facilities.

The Office and Space Research and Technology of the Academy of Athens prepared the 2022 bid that was also actively supported by the Ministries of Digital Policy and Tourism, the City of Athens as well as other science and research facilities of Greece. Support from the diaspora was also plentiful.