Sophie Cotsis is leading a group of New South Wales parliamentarians calling for the redevelopment of Canterbury Hospital in Campsie, Sydney, in light of a growing population projections and a rising demand on the services provided by the hospital which falls within her Canterbury constituency.

“Not only will a redevelopment mean more medical resources and facilities at Canterbury Hospital, but with COVID-19 and a looming recession, jobs will be created for the short and long term,” said Ms Cotsis. “Our population is one of the most diverse in Australia. Around 80 percent of people in the Canterbury area have at least one parent who was born overseas – and our population continues to grow.”

The Federal Member for Watson, Tony Burke said the local community was long overdue the upgrade of the hospital.

“Well done to Sophice Cotsis for leading this cause. She never stopped fighting for locals to receive the hospital upgrade we deserve,” said Mr Burkes.

Also supporting Ms Cotsis’ campaign were Jo Haylen MP for Summer Hill and Jihad Dib MP for Laklemba.

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The hospital last received a major upgrade in 1998 in an area of Sydney that is expected to experience a 39 percent rise in population by 2031. The hospital serves one of the most socio-economically disadvantaged communities with approximately one third of local areas being among the most socioeconomically disadvantaged in Australia.

Last year the hospital’s emergency department experienced a 5.4 per cent increase in demand while patients on its elective surgery list rose by 14 per cent.