Men and flowers don’t generally mix. Unless you’re talking to Nicholas Saramaskos.
Mr Saramaskos, of Hobart, is a famous chrysanthemum grower.
Born on the small Aegean island of Kimolos, Saramaskos migrated to Australia and settled in Hobart to find work. He happened to come across a well known chrysanthemum cultivator, and the interest and love for flowers easily blossomed in him.
With his family, he mastered the ins and outs of this flower and with all the chrysanthemums you could think of, he created Gardens of Eden in his backyard.
For years he imported rare kinds of chrysanthemums from Japan and other countries, in order to create a rich and unique collection.
What was a hobby slowly became an obsession, and Mr Saramaskos started competing with the best growers. He’s amassed countless awards that have taken him all around Australia.
Every year he takes his wife to many Australian cities taking part in chrysanthemum exhibitions.
In Tasmania last year, Mr Saramaskos won the first price of Hobart Chrysanthemum Show, in Tasmania. In 2012 he was the winner of the prestigious “All Japan Chrysanthemum Federation Medal”.
Among the crowds of women at these shows, Mr Saramaskos is a rarity. You can tell his wife would never have to complain that she never gets flowers.
But, every year, in celebration of Mother’s Day, Nicholas Saramaskos goes the extra mile. He donates many of his favourite chrysanthemums to nursing homes and other not-for-profit institutions. The best blooms he keeps for the mothers of the Greek Social Welfare of the Archdiocese of Hobart.