1. Sakis was born on the Aegean island of Corfu
  2. His dad used to be an ambulance driver and his mum a retail worker at the local duty free shop
  3. Sakis completed his mandatory military service for Greece in 1995 between album releases
  4. All of Sakisí albums have achieved gold certifications or higher
  5. He is among Greeceís best-selling artists with sales recording over an estimated 2 million records
  6. Sakis first made it on an international scale in 2002 when he collaborated with famous American record producer, Desmond Child
  7. At age 10 he starred in his first major theatrical production in Corfu
  8. He first sang in front of an audience on the night of his high school graduation when he performed a number of Elvis and Beatles hits
  9. Sakis is able to speak three languages fluently: Greek, English and French
  10. He does not drink alcohol or smoke and does not allow smoking in his dressing room before a performance