1. No study can begin without a Greek English dictionary on hand. Make sure it’s on your desk before you attempt your Greek studies.
2. Get your Greek alphabet down pat. There’s two less letters than the English alphabet so if you know your Greek alphabet you can spend less time trying to find B, D and G and get to know some other peculiar sounds found in the Greek language. Ever tried to teach a non-Greek speaker how to say harti or Chios?
3. Have yiayia’s number on speed dial – she can help you with the odd history question, or at the very least be on hand to cook up spanakopita come exam time.
4. Know at least two stanzas of the 158-versed Greek national anthem. If you can’t finish the line “Se gnoriso apo tin kopsi” then you should really think about studying Japanese.
5. Always have loutraki water on hand to keep yourself hydrated or Loux soft drink. And if you are in SWOT Vac time, get a frappe or two into you.
6. If you need to bribe Kiria because you haven’t finished your assignment, an apple just won’t do. Greek teachers can only be bribed with baklava, a tapsi of pastitsio or a big jar of your dad’s home-made olives.
7. Pop on a Panathinaikos t-shirt, a ‘Kiss me, I’m Greek’ jumper or anything blue and white to get your in Greek mode whist studying.
8. Preferably, do all your study on the kitchen table so you can keep rewarding yourself with a piece of Ion chocolate every time you get a grammar question right.
9. Have a Greek study buddy on hand, not for your scholastic needs, but to have someone to go to the soccer with on the weekend.
10. Listen to Greek music whilst studying to not only get your feet tapping and fingers clicking – and let’s face it keep you awake – but the lyrics sung will enable you to expand your vocabulary all the while have you getting up now and then to stretch your weary legs… whilst dancing a tsamiko.