The Federation of Ethnic Communities’ Councils of Australia (FECCA), the country’s peak multicultural organisation representing and advocating on behalf of Australia’s multicultural communities, welcomes The Scanlon Foundation’s 2021 Mapping Social Cohesion Report. Once again, this report is a valuable contribution in understanding the strengths and weaknesses of modern, multicultural Australia.

“FECCA is pleased to see that most Australians continue to support multiculturalism and understand that racism is a problem. This confirms FECCA’s belief that persistent incidents of racial abuse as well as systemic racism are a threat to our multicultural success story,” FECCA Chairperson Mary Patetsos said.

“The 2021 Mapping Social Cohesion Report shows an extraordinary 20 per cent increase in people who believe that racism is a problem in Australia – from 40 to 60 per cent. This demonstrates the urgent need for a well-funded national anti-racism strategy.

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“FECCA once again urges the Government to fully commit to delivering a national anti-racism strategy that is developed in partnership with multicultural and First Nations communities.”

The 2021 Mapping Social Cohesion Report is produced by The Scanlon Foundation and based on the results of surveys conducted annually across Australia. In its fifteenth year, this research series measures results against the five core pillars of social cohesion: belonging, worth, social justice, participation and acceptance and rejection.

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