The majority of Greek Australian teams put on a great show and successfully secured their spots in the next round of the Australian cup.

Melbourne Knights – South Melbourne

The Knights and South Melbourne match, despite being labeled a derby only on paper, was dominated by the Greek Australian team from the start.

They did not leave any space for their opponents to react and, with more effort towards their final attempts, they could have secured a win in the first half.

After the break, Esteban Quintas’ team showed improved concentration, effectively passing the ball and scoring two goals in the final 25 minutes to secure their spot in the next phase of the cup.

Port Melbourne – Oakleigh Cannons

The Cannons defeated the local Sharks in a nail-biting match held in Port Melbourne. The game, which came down to a nerve-wracking penalty shoot-out, saw both teams fighting fiercely for 120 minutes in an attempt to score a goal.

The field was dominated by intense play and personal battles throughout.

Ultimately, the Cannons emerged victorious, securing their ticket to the next phase by winning the penalty shootout 7-8.

Heidelberg United – Sunbury United

John Anastasiadis’ team found an excellent training session through the match against Sunbury.

The team in Black and Yellow performed exceptionally well, scoring eight goals and providing their fans with an exhilarating afternoon full of goals and entertainment.

During the first half, Alexandros effectively countered the efforts of the Sunbury team, who failed to capitalize on a couple of scoring chances.

However, in the second half, the Heidelberg players dominated the game as they continuously scored, limiting the action to the visitors’ half.

The final score of 8-0 clearly demonstrates the significant gap in quality between the two teams, with Sunbury competing five divisions below Heidelberg in the third division of State Leagues.

Werribee City – Bentleigh Greens

Under the leadership of Giorogos Katsakis, Bentleigh Greens has finally gotten back on track.

The team has achieved wins in the league and secured their spot in the next round of the cup with a 1-5 away win in Werribee.

This was a crucial qualification for the Greens and has given their fans even more optimism for the future.

Kingston City – Mazenod

The next round of the Australian Cup will also see Kingston City competing.

Mazenod posed no significant challenge for the great “Clarinda” as they easily scored two goals and dominated the field.

With the ticket for the next round secured, the home team’s strong performance showcases their steady progress towards their peak form from last season when they almost won the championship.

The Port Melbourne team that started the game against the Cannons . Photo: Con Deves

Northcote City – Keilor Park

Trent Scapetis, Northcote City’s top scorer, secured the victory for the team in their match against Keilor Park with a score of 2-1.

Despite facing intense opposition from the visitors, Northcote City fought hard and advanced to the next round of the cup.

The match was full of personal duels and kept football fans in Northcote on the edge of their seats, with the winning goal being scored in the last few seconds after ninety minutes of suspense and passion.

Box Hill – Caroline Springs

Caroline Springs defeated Box Hill at home, preventing them from securing their spot in the next round of the cup.

The guests demonstrated determination on the pitch, fighting hard and ultimately claiming victory with a score of 3-5.

The Box Hill players had a disappointing performance and must now redirect their focus to the demanding league games ahead.

Boroondara – Altona East

The powerful storm-like PAOK from Altona East dominated Boroondara’s home field, leaving their opponents with no chance to react.

They scored six goals and secured their advancement to the next round of the Australian Cup.

The “Two-Headed Eagle” delivered an exciting display of beautiful football, treating the fans to a final score of 2 – 6.

Goulburn Valley Suns – Westvale Olympic

Historic Westvale Olympic achieved a great away victory and qualified for the next round of the cup with a score of 0-3 against the Suns.

The Greek Australian club performed at high levels, played beautiful football, and appeared particularly effective in the final third of the field securing a spot in the next round of the Australian Cup.

Clifton Hill – Bulleen Lions

The Lions defeated Clifton Hill with a score of 0 – 2

The “Men from the Hill” attempted to resist the attacking abilities of the visitors and displayed some promising elements, but ultimately suffered a two-goal loss at home, eliminating their chance for qualification.


Port Melbourne – Oakleigh Cannons 0 – 0 (7-8 PENALTIES)

Melbourne Knights – South Melbourne 0 – 2

Heidelberg United – Sunbury United 8 – 0

Boroondara Carey Eagles – Altona East Phoenix 2 – 6

Goulburn Valley Suns – Westvale Olympic 0 – 3

Clifton Hill – Bulleen Lion 0 – 2

Kingston City – Mazenod FC 2 – 0

Northcote City – Keilor Park 2 – 1

Werribee City – Bentleigh Greens 1 – 5