Fewer than 10 Australians are still seeking to get out of New Caledonia after deadly riots in the French territory, with the majority of tourists already repatriated, the government says.

About 150 Australians in New Caledonia remained registered with the Department of Foreign Affairs but not all want to leave.

The government assisted 454 Australians, permanent residents and their family members to leave the territory across 12 flights.

This included eight operated by the Australian Defence Force, two by New Zealand and two by France.

Australia also helped 93 foreign nationals leave and 190 French nationals who reside in New Caledonia to get back to the territory from Australia on air force planes heading over.

“The overwhelming majority of tourists, people who didn’t have a home to live in there, who were relying on hotels, were brought out on all of our flights,” deputy secretary Craig Maclachlan told a parliamentary hearing on Monday.

The exact number of people who wanted to leave fluctuated but remained between five to 10, Mr Maclachlan said.

Australia’s advice remains for people to reconsider their need to travel but areas where hotels and hospitals are located were safe, he said.

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“This area is relatively secure,” he said.

“France has made a concerted effort to restore law and order, security.

“There are still challenges, for example, the international airport, which we had been advised would reopen, has still not reopened.”

The challenge is security on the road, with the airport being 40 kilometres from the city, he said.

Riots broke out after France passed laws that would give citizens who lived in New Caledonia voting rights after 10 years, sparking concerns the voice of the Indigenous population would be watered down.

French President Emmanuel Macron delayed the controversial reforms, saying while he planned to enact the law, they would only be signed off when there was a return to peace.

The riots left at least six people dead.

Source: AAP