Year 12 secondary students across the country nervously awaited their end of year academic results this week. Neos Kosmos spoke to Greek day schools about their final scores.

At South Australia’s St George College, John Babadimas was awarded Dux of the school after achieving a TER of 99.3.

The school’s other high achievers included Gerry Palaktsoglou with a TER of 99.25, John Matsis with a score of 97.95, John Paitaridis with a TER of 93.05, Kosta Partou with a TER of 92.1, and Spiros Biris with a TER of 90.85.

In NSW, 45 percent of students from the HSC class at St Spirydon College achieved over 80 percent for their final scores. Alexander Vatiliotis was the school’s Dux, with an ATAR of 98.2.

The school’s other top achievers were Aleksandra Djordjevic who achieved an ATAR of 94.25 and came first in the state for Serbian Continuers, George Sialepis who achieved an ATAR of 93.5, Felicia Kilias with a ATAR of 91.25, and Natalie Pizanis with an ATAR of 90.75.

At St Euphemia college in NSW 50 students sat for this year’s HSC with Neophyta Zervos achieving a score of 95.25.

Other high achievers included: Elly Klappas with 94.6, Iliada Heretakis with 94.45, Nicole Kladakis with 94.45, Vicky Pupulas with 94.4, Njegoslava Petrovic with 93.4, Elena Sklavenitis with 93.25, Joanna Heretakis with 91.9.

In Victoria, Year 12 students at Oakleigh Greek Orthodox College “scooped the pool with their VCE results”, Head of secondary school, Marina Theodorou said.

Twenty percent of the Oakleigh Year 12 cohort achieved an ATAR of over 90, 30 percent scored over

80, and 53 per cent of all Year 12 students achieved an ATAR of 70 or more.

The school’s Dux for 2010, Sylvia Korlos, achieved an ATAR of 97.4, while other top achievers included Kerry Gougoussis with a score of 94.7, Kristina Alexopoulos with a score of 93.35, Vasilios Kiatos with a score of 93, Costa Tzoumanekas with a score of 93, and Vanessa Dallas with a score of 92.3.

Acting Principal Mary Adams said “scores such as these are not the measure of a total individual but they will certainly enable our students to undertake courses of their choice, and assist them in becoming the people they wish to be.”

Alphington Grammar continued their strong upward trend in results with an average ATAR score of 72.4, their highest on record. Of local students, 42 percent achieved an ATAR of over 80, falling within the top 20 percent of Victoria.

This year’s Dux of the school, Edward Hurcombe, achieved an ATAR of 95.45. After completing Year 12 subjects English, History, Literature, International Studies and IT, Hurcombe said it’s important for students to do subjects they enjoy the most.

“Don’t stress too much, be creative with your studying, don’t make it repetitive,” he said.

Nicholas Koutoulis, who achieved the next highest with 90.9, said he was pleased with his result, and more importantly so were his parents.

“I think they were more excited than me,” he said. Koutoulis studied Psychology, English, Further Maths, Health and Human Development, History and International Studies.

“I thought I’d do subjects I enjoy so it wouldn’t seem like a chore,” he said. Koutoulis hopes to study a double degree in psychology and social work at RMIT. “I’ve always enjoyed Psychology and always wanted to do something where I could help others,” he said.

Harrison Bergamin, who scored 90.15, followed a Mathematics and Science strand, studying Physics, Maths Methods, Further Maths, Chemistry, IT and English.

“Look at your strengths when choosing subjects,” he suggested to other students about to embark on VCE. “Don’t be afraid, don’t stress, it’s not as bad as everyone says it is. There’s a lot of pressure put on this final year but don’t take it too seriously; you need balance, you can still have a life.”

Academic results from Western Australia are yet to be released. Stay tuned for a follow-up on St Andrew’s College in our next issue on January 8.