Stephen Smooker


Antithesis lights up

Arts festival explores migrant culture.


An eye for history

Herodotus informs contemporary artist


Changing direction

A switch from screen to stage.


The migrant’s odyssey

Andreas Lytras will be performing his one-man show as part of this year’s Antipodes Festival.


An Australian Pygmalion

A Greek Australian tackles the character of the English rose


Grave subject matter

Filmmaker explores loss and mourning.

The Straits – crime moves to a warmer climate

Forget about Carlton, Peter Andrikidis talks about directing the latest Australian underworld drama tv series, set in the tropics.

Notes from the Lyra

Stephen Smooker talks to film maker Kasiani Koutris as she sets out on a Pontian journey of musical revelation

Thyestes revived for Sydney Festival

Breathing new life into an ancient Greek myth.

Making movies in Melbourne

Hollywood star brings it all back home.