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Dean Kalimniou’s daughter’s love of a παραμύθι (fairy tale) is understandable, but the Greeks who revel in the tales of newfound Hellenism, not so much.


Spartans second best

The Hawthorn Spartans lost the Grand Final at Sportscover Arena, Elsternwick for the second consecutive year.


‘Ultramarathon Man’ takes on Spartathlon movie

Greek American athlete follows in the footsteps of Pheidippides.


Locals see red over defaced Leonidas

Community members and traders are upset over a defaced Leonidas image on the cover of urban guide Grid Maps for Brunswick, Victoria.


Con Terzoglou: Best and fairest

The Hawthorn Spartans officially celebrated their inaugural season last Friday with their inaugural best and fairest award’s evening.


New battle for Leonidas

The erection of the statue of ancient Spartan King Leonidas on Sparta Place in Brunswick has caused an uproar amongst some local traders and Greek community representatives.


Once we were warriors

The region of Laconia may be known for its militant past, but as Despina Meris finds, today it is a peaceful place to explore a bygone era.

Ancient Greece: 42.195 Km and counting!

Cambridge Fellow Michael C Scott examines the length of Pheideppides’ fatal run to let all know that the Athenians had beat the Persians at the Battle of Marathon.


Civilisation beaten in a brawl between left and right as ANU Centre for Western Civilisation dumped

With friends like the former Prime Minister Tony Abbott, who needs enemies? The proposed Ramsay Centre for Western Civilisation at the Australian National University (ANU) died in the trench warfare …


A Spartan’s simple approach to successful retailing

Peter Tsoutouras shares his experience of running Spartan Electrical, Adelaide’s best retailer of kitchen, laundry and home entertainment appliances.