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Ticket to ride

For many Australians, a Greek passport is like the Holy Grail. Penni Pappas explores the difficulties faced, and the benefits of access to the whole of Europe.


Remembrances of the festive season

Dean Kalimniou reflects on the craziness of the festive season


Talking about the future of the ALP

The rule changes that allow rank and file involvement in electing the leader have created a momentum for more ongoing democratic changes


Some truths

Greek Australian Cultural League president Cathy Alexopoulos tell us why the semi-autobiographical story moved her and many Greek Australians


NUGAS – a retrospective

Penni Pappas takes a walk down NUGAS memory lane and looks at the issues, identity and cultural challenges members have faced throughout its 40 year existence


Long live the Tote – Never Say Die!

Living by the Tote’s motto of Never Say Die!, publican Andy Portokallis did everything he could to revive the Tote, after it’s short-lived closure.


Tsipras tells Europe “let’s talk”

Radical Left Coalition (Syriza) Alexis Tsipras begins a tour of European capitals on Monday carrying a single message: it’s time to talk.


A touch of Basile

Basile explains to Neos Kosmos how venting about a 1996 trip to Greece launched an international comedy career.


Uptights; anything but uptight

Young fashion designer Penelope Kokinelis is making her mark in the fashion world with her brand of colourful graphic prints. Watch this space.


Memo 2 – a toxic medicine for Greece?

Neos Kosmos seeks Dr Skrekas’ views on the new memorandum approved by the Greek parliament on Sunday, as well as the future of the Greek economy.