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Asylum processing improved

A backload of 27,000 claims is estimated to be cleared by the end of this year.


Golden Dawn targets Greek Americans

The president of AHEPA, a journalist, a priest and university professors have been targeted by the neo- fascist US website.


Northern Epirus and Golden Dawn

Northern Epirotes have been denigrated and considered as second class citizens by a significant section of the mainstream.


Sotiris Manolopoulos: Mythomoteur

An eminently readable account, as history, mythology and autobiography, Sotiris Manolopoulos’ “A Migrant’s Hopeful Dawn”.


Going, going, gone

Migrants relied on General Motors Holden for their survival, so how do they feel following the announcement of the closure of the car manufacturing plants in 2017?


Cafes of yore

In this week’s diatribe, we sip a flat white alongside Dean while looking at the cafes of yesteryear.


Pausanias: Lonely planeteer

Dean Kalimniou looks at the insecurities of the Greek race, where it came from and where it’s going.



A recent visit by the Greek National B’ Basketball team has prompted a closer look at basketball in Greece, and the hospitality of the Greek Australian to a very Greek delegation.


Scribblefest 2012

A weekend celebration of Greek Australian writers, Dean Kalimniou explores the very first Antipodes Writers Festival.


What’s in a hand shake?

Peter Kokotis takes a closer look into the Suarez vs Ezra affair.