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Attracting investment in Greece

A deal signed by Hewlett Packard gives the US electronics giant the right to use the cargo terminal of Chinese shipping firm Cosco in Piraeus


Painting from a solid foundation

Acclaimed artist Effie Mandalos has combined her art experience and years of teaching to create her own art school.


Austerity has eroded human rights

Governments ‘have forgotten about their human rights obligations’ says Council of Europe


The Pan Hellenic Games

The Pan Hellenic Games are a most invaluable tessera within the mosaic of our broader Greek Australian community


Deconstructing Greece

To understand Australian audiences’ perception of Greek cinema, one must delve further into Greek film’s history


Political Cavafy

Dimitris Troaditis looks at the life’s work of poet C.P. Cavafy


State broadcaster’s end a blow to Greek identity

Will the decision to close ERT bring down the Samaras government in Greece?


Multiculturalism and the elections

Ethnically diverse Australians are seriously under-represented in the nation’s parliaments and other institutions


Multicultural marriage

‘Multiculturalism is like a marriage: you have to remind each other how good it is’


How to prevent the Greek debt crisis from reaching you and your family

Greek households are increasingly burdened by debt and, by extension, so are Greek estates.