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Maria’s diamonds are forever

Singer and actress Maria Mercedes is bringing the songs of Bond to life in a new audiovisual concert


Tumbleweeds along Lonsdale Street

As Melbourne City Council expressed its concern over the dwindling precinct, all eyes are on the Cultural Tower to breath life into “Little Athens”


Melbourne’s Greek Independence Day parade

Last Sunday saw over 20,000 people march to the Shrine of Remembrance in Melbourne to commemorate Greek Independence Day in 2012.


The hopeful side of reality

Poverty and uncertainty is the prevailing understanding of the current climate in Greece. However, Nick Dallas sees a light at the end of the tunnel.


Medicine in the Byzantine Empire – part two

In part two of diatribe, Dean Kalimniou looks at medical procedures and medicines used in the Byzantine Empire.


Sex, taxi drivers and the state of contemporary Greece

Jeana Vithoulkas bemoans the contemporary malaise which is eating away at Greece.


A new house for the gods

ABC reporter, HELEN VATSIKOPOULOS, shares her thoughts on visiting the new Parthenon Museum and the memories it brings back for all of us.


If you’re happy and you know it clap your hands

Nothing irks Chris Fotinopoulos more than the banal muzak to which neo Christians clap their hands.


10 ways people are expressing themselves and poking fun at coronavirus – because we won’t let it get us down

Fashionable face masks A-masks from the island of Amorgos, one of the most scenic islands of the Aegean, manage to combine function and fashion. Created by the Giannakopoulos family, already …


Alex Lykos

From playwright to movie maker.