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The story behind Jakarta’s favourite Greek restaurant – and a recipe to try!

Jakarta, the capital city of Indonesia, is home to over 10 million people and boasts of countless dining venues. What are the chances of a Greek restaurant winning an award …


How to stop the free fall and get young people back to Church

I read Jeana Vithoulkas’s opinion piece recently and was not surprised to find many valid points. Shared experiences too. But I’d like to raise the stakes. Up the ante. Instead …


And just ‘Out Of The Blue’, Michael Angelakis is back

In an interview with Neos Kosmos, the 65-year-old fisherman talks about his humble beginnings, his cancer scare, his battle with depression and his return to TV.


Bentleigh opens up lead in race for Premier’s Plate

South and Victory to play on Saturday behind closed doors.


A Greek yogi on a self discovery quest around the globe

After a career in the media, the music industry, and a venture in tourism, Angelos Steliou left everything, put his belongings in a backpack and became a yoga instructor


‘Greeks are enormously rich in character; they’re not these silly little ethnics’

As Gregory Andreas’ play Wogs In Love returns to the stage, he reflects on his attempts to break stereotypes and challenge the audience’s notion of Greek characters.


‘To Be Or Naught To Be’ − there is no question

Greek Australian filmmakers win best sci-fi at the Sydney Indie Film Festival, gaining international acclaim.


Malcolm Turnbull: ‘Multicultural Australia is united, strong, successful’

Robin Scott lashes out while FECCA gives cautious welcome to government statement.


Is Melbourne really facing a crime epidemic?

In upcoming months, Melbourne criminal defence lawyer George Defteros will be celebrating a milestone in his professional life; 40 years on the job. An accomplishment of this magnitude is of …


Aussie heritage players team up with Greek locals in rugby league World Cup qualifying campaign

Five Greek Australians will join Greece’s national squad to play 2021 Rugby League World Cup qualifying matches in Europe next month. The squad, which includes 14 players from the Greek …