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Absence and silence

Jeana Vithoulkas tells how a visit to a photographic exhibition with an old friend changed their view of each other.


Battle of Kalamata commemorated

More than 100 people gathered to honour the fallen 75 years on.


The Greeklish Project

Dean Kalimniou talks about The Greeklish Project event.


The original pioneer

Chef Peter Conistis is bringing his flair to recreate traditional Greek recipes at Sydney’s Alpha restaurant


How FYROM became a victim of its own aggression

The geographical area of Macedonia is primarily split between three countries, namely Greece, the ‘Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia’ (hereafter FYROM), and Bulgaria. Although home to distinct peoples, within each …


A new source of drinking water: fruit and vegetables

The bottle is crystal clear, as is its content. The label reflects the current trends in graphic design – clear lines, simple big, bold capital letters, the full hipster aesthetic. …


Delving into the supernatural or delving into one’s own weakness?

I went to a psychic and I did it all. The cards, the coffee cup readings; I had my aura checked. Here’s what happened.


‘Star Wogs: The Ethnics Strike Back’

The title to the show currently playing at the Comedy Theatre is particularly apt, though regrettably, no reference to Star Wars, a genre that lends itself to infinite parody, is …


Magna Graecia: How a dark cloud is lifting from the Calabrian Greko

Calabria was once a Greek lake, where one could not move around, nor through the entire south of Italy, without being able to speak the Greko language. This was a …


Australian Apokriatic Aphorisms

Despite the assumption that traditional customs erode over time, Greek Melbourne has over the decades evolved into an Apokriatic town.