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Government likely to be returned in winter election

This is a rare winter election the last one, a double dissolution was called by Bob Hawke amidst the brouhaha surrounding the Joh for PM campaign in 1987


Lefkandi: illuminating the Greek Dark Age

Many brushed off the Dark Age of Greece, until new discoveries in Lefkandi, Euboea, offered a different perspective.


Open letters: A better life for the elderly

Letter to Federal Government Dear Prime Minister Scott Morrison, cc to Treasurer, and Minister for Social Security I write on behalf of the Fair Go For Pensioners (FGFP) Coalition,Victoria Incorporated, …


Cyprus caught in a geopolitical quandary: problems and opportunities

I noted with interest the speech of the Cyprus Ambassador to Greece at The Athens of World Hellenic Interparliamentary Association which contained a message of optimism and a message of …


It’s time to build a bridge between Greece and Australia

Many factors have come to fruition, paving the way for the stronger involvement of the Greek diaspora in shaping the country of their ancestors and strengthening the bonds between Greece …


Australia’s art institutions don’t reflect our diversity: it’s time to change that

For most of us, it is easy to pass judgement on others while finding it difficult to reflect on ourselves. Diversity Arts Australia recently undertook a research project, Shifting the …


A brief history of radio in Greece, and a museum in the Peloponnese

The invention of the radio was the result of a long series of technological breakthroughs that began with the discovery of electromagnetic energy and the invention of telegraphy. It was …


The Orthodox Church in the social media era: selfie anyone?

I can still recall the day. Mindlessly scrolling through my Facebook feed, a photo appeared from what appeared to be a wedding ceremony at the local Greek Orthodox Church. It …


Prespes agreement ratified by the Greek Parliament

The legislative branch of the Hellenic Republic voted in favour of the Agreement between Greece and the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia tonight, putting an end to the long-standing dispute …