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Unofficial histories: 1821

Greek American Alexander Billinis contemplates whether every revolution, every war of independence, is also in some ways a civil war.


Steen’s comedy company

Comedian Steen Raskopoulos is making the comedy elite take notice thanks to his quick wit and ‘no notes’ performances.


Ticket to ride

For many Australians, a Greek passport is like the Holy Grail. Penni Pappas explores the difficulties faced, and the benefits of access to the whole of Europe.


Akrotiri’s link to Atlantis

Looking at the remains at Santorini’s archaeological site at Akrotiri, Dr Dora Constantinidis found parallels with Plato’s story and daily life of the ancient people on the island.


Talking about the future of the ALP

The rule changes that allow rank and file involvement in electing the leader have created a momentum for more ongoing democratic changes


A house in Greece

Renovating a large old house in Lemnos.


An homage to her heroes

Kathy Tsaples has written more than a cook book; Sweet Greek is a celebration of the Greek Australians who migrated to this country, and a lasting legacy for all her children


Uptights; anything but uptight

Young fashion designer Penelope Kokinelis is making her mark in the fashion world with her brand of colourful graphic prints. Watch this space.


H1 budget figures offer hope

Performance suggests 2012 deficit target will be attained for the first time since 2010.

Alexandros Issigonis: Designer extraordnaire

One of the prolific car designers of the modern era, Sir Alec Issigonis better known as the chief designer of British Motor Corporation (BMC) and creaor of the iconic Mini and Aust