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Our own Indiana Jones

Lieutenant Commander Andrea Argirides is determined to help save archaeological treasures in conflict zones.


Sticks and stone

Dean Kalimniou talks about the failings of multicultural Australia, in the eyes of the current VCAT ruling.


Greek Australian top VCE achievers

It has been a period of heightened emotion for students, teachers and parents the past week, with the release of VCE results. On Wednesday, the Herald Sun released a list …


Tears for Courtney (Konstandina) Herron: Who was the young woman whose death has sparked debate?

Courtney (Konstandina) Amber Herron was described by her mother as a “damaged little bird”, a headstrong girl who grew into a sensitive and vulnerable woman. Maxie (Metaxia) Antoniou talked to …


On bin scabs and libraries

Most nights I read to my daughters from a rather tattered and worse for wear storybook by Georgia Tarsouli, entitled Στης Μαμάς την Αγκαλιά. It has been in my custody …


Meet the Greek Australian founder of Byzanfest, the world’s first online Orthodox Christian short film festival

It was in 2013 at the foothills of Meteora, one of the largest complexes of Eastern Orthodox monasteries, that Chris Vlahonasios, a longtime cinephile, was first struck with the idea …


‘Me & My Left Brain’: Alex Lykos’ promising new film debuts this week in Australia

Alex Lykos is one of the most successful theatre producers, writers, directors and actors that Australia has produced. In 2015 he released his first film, the critically acclaimed box office …


Do you know what you are made of?

We decided to take a DNA test, and ancestry expert Brad Argent explains all there is to know about it.


Islamic Turkey and Cyprus

The island has become the chunk of cheese in the mousetrap to be nibbled away by ravenous rats.


An open letter to our daughters: Women deserve more than International Women’s Day

‘I don’t want it to be a man’s world, but I don’t want it to be a woman’s world either’.