An air of Neos Kosmos will sweep through the International Women’s Day festivities organised by the Hellenic Women’s Federation of Victoria.

The Federation will honour veteran Neos Kosmos journalist Claire Gazis for her offerings to the Greek community of Melbourne. Former Neos Kosmos journalist Eugenia Pavlopoulou will speak with Ms Gazis about her achievements, including her role as one of the founding members of the Hellenic Women’s Federation of Victoria 17 years ago.

Ms Pavlopoulou will also give a talk about the history of International Women’s Day and why this day still matters.

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Given that 2020 marks a century since the birth of legendary Greek actress/politician Melina Mercouri, the 8 March event will pay tribute to the female activist that has indelibly left her mark on Greek culture and politics. There will be reference to Mercouri’s role as an activist campaigning for women’s rights as well as a campaigner pushing for the return of the Parthenon Marbles to Greece.

Guests will be welcomed to festivities by Hellenic Women’s Federation of Victoria President Sofia Mastori.

Where: White Rose Reception (725 High Street, Thornbury)

When: 1pm, 8 March

Tickets: Call 0422 871 920