When ancient Greek statues speak

Every day in Athens people stroll past ancient statues; statues that were sculpted in classical times. But imagine if these statues could talk and tell their stories; stories of a …

The diary of a digital nomad

Ellie Marda talks to Neos Kosmos about living the remote-working dream while travelling south east Asia for six months
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FFTN Giving voice to a generation caught in the middle

The Greek Australian women’s Food For Thought Network (FFTN) is hosting a panel discussion on the ‘Sandwich Generation’. Many Baby Boomers and Gen Xs are finding themselves, as the term …

Sustainable fashion helping clean up Greece’s beaches and give refugees new purpose

We speak with the founders of the organisation encouraging refugees and Berliners to put their talents to use, upcycling discarded boats from refugee arrivals on Greece's beaches into high end fashion accessories
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Delphi Bank

Top places to eat and drink in Greece this summer and how to make the most of your budget to maximise your travel experience

Greece is a regular on the list of the world’s top destinations, and this year is no exception with tourism reaching an all-time high. We already know many of you …


Kerrie Theodorikakos, on bridging her Greek Australian identity through art

Kerrie (Kyriaki) Theodorikakos is a fourth generation Greek born outside of her country of origin. She grew up in the heavily populated migrant Greek/Italian suburbs of Coburg and Brunswick, where …


New evidence puts the eruption of Thera between 1600 and 1525 BC

A new study based on ancient tree rigs comes to settle the long-standing controversy over the date of a volcanic blast that possibly inspired the myth of Atlantis. Thera, a …


AEK qualifies for Champions League play-offs

AEK Athens have advanced to the next round of Champions League qualifiers, after Tuesday night’s hard-fought victory against Celtic. The Greek team’s coach, Marinos Ouzounidis, had a number of issues …


Antarctica experience via a multi-sensory performance

There’s something about Antarctica that is intriguing. While not on one’s list of usual travel destinations, it is a destination at the forefront of conversations around climate change. Thanks to …


Twenty-year-old choreographer reclaims space for youth in arts

Alex Dellaportas is not your typical 20-year-old. She had just finished high school when she founded Spark Youth Dance Company, a not-for-profit driven entirely by young artists with the purpose …


Eva Palmer, the American who reinvented herself as an ancient Greek goddess

Eva Palmer (1874–1952) was arguably one of the most inspiring and fascinating women of the 20th century, described as both brilliant and gorgeous with floor-length auburn hair. The American free-thinker, …


A Greek-Maori musical journey in trance

Taonga püoro means ‘singing treasures’. The term describes something more than just a set of musical instruments – the flutes, gourds, wood and shell trumpets and bull roarers that Maori …


Action for Athens

Tonight, Melbourne’s Greek Centre will hold a fundraising event for the wildfire victims in Greece. The benefit will be broadcast live on ABC Radio Melbourne & Victoria and it will be …


Turkey releases Greek servicemen

The two Greek officers who were being held in a high security prison in Edirne for 167 days, have finally been released, Anadolu agency reported yesterday. Lieutenant Angelos Mitretodis and …


Open lecture: Greeks in the Australian forces

Those interested in Australian history, will no doubt be familiar with the Kokoda campaign of WWII. But what many may not know, is that 316 men of Greek origin served …