Archbishop of America condemns the murder of George Floyd in Minneapolis

Archbishop Elpidophoros (Lambriniadis) of America has commented on the death of American citizen George Floyd last Monday, 25 May in Minneapolis. Mr Floyd died after being wrongfully restrained and pinned down by …

Ancient Greek history held captive: What’s next for the Parthenon Sculptures?

The British Museum needs to decide whether it wants to progress with the times or "remain a colonial museum"
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Greek summer festivals go on despite global pandemic

Greece’s Culture Minister Lina Mendoni announced 251 events and performances which will take place in 111 archaeological sites and museums around Greece, separate to those of the Herod Atticus Theatre …



A-League stakeholders remain hopeful for July restart

Things seem to be clearing up in regards to when the A-League may return to action to complete the season. According to an announcement that was released last Thursday by …


Uni chancellor calls special senate meeting as world media focus on Pavlou’s plight

The Chancellor of the University of Queensland (UQ) said he will hold a special-out-of-session university senate meeting to discuss a university disciplinary body’s “severe” decision to suspend for two years …


Student activist Drew Pavlou suspended for protests in support of Hong Kong independence and criticism of Chinese influence at his uni

Student activist/philosophy student Drew Pavlou, 20, who lead campus protests in support of the Hong Kong independence movement, has been suspended from the University of Queensland. Mr Pavlou, who has …


How is COVID-19 changing multiculturalism and the nature of migration to Australia?

Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, Neos Kosmos had published a series of articles on whether the time had come to reboot multiculturalism. If anything, the global pandemic has justified the …


Trailblazing Greek Australian Dr Vasso Apostolopoulos making strides in COVID-19 research

Coronavirus is spreading around the world, but treatments are lacking and there are still no vaccines to protect the body against the disease. Dr Vasso Apostolopoulos and her team from …


Mosques reopen as Turks pray outside Hagia Sophia

Mosques in Turkey are reopening on Friday, the anniversary of the fall of Constantinople (Istanbul). The head of Turkey’s Religious Affairs Directorate declared that he hold a morning Muslim prayer …


29 May, 1453, the Fall of Constantinople and end of the Byzantine Empire

One of the greatest cities of all time; a cultural and economic phenomenon.


International stars present ‘We’ll Always Have Athens’ podcast series

“Then, Athens swung into view, and it was everything I had hoped it would be.” – Stephen Fry COVID-19 may have brought international travel to a halt, but This is …


Cyprus to cover costs for tourists contracting COVID-19 on holiday

In a bid to encourage touristm this summer, the government of Cyprus is pledging to pay for accommodation, medicine and food for any tourist and their family who tested positive …


The Greek that all A-League stars love to be trained by

Everything in life is a matter of timing. That’s the simple conclusion someone could arrive at after listening to the story of Michael Varkopoulos, one of Melbourne’s Greek community members. …