Vietnamese Australian student pleads for a Greek wife in video gone viral

When Sydney-based student Simonn Nguyen won a free plate of Greek food at the International Night Markets, he never envisaged that a live video on social media in which he …

A Corfiot olive oil blows away critics at Fine Food Australia

Born from a foreigner's love of Greece and brought to Australia thanks to a summer love story, Neolea EVOO is here to stay
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Born in Australia but destined to meet and marry in Greece

Although Vicky Tsaousis and Argyrios Kikianis were both born in Adelaide and lived only a few streets away from each other, they hadn’t crossed paths until 2012 while holidaying in …

From Crete to Australia: Xylouris White remind us that home is where music is born

The multicultural duo is heading Down Under for a much awaited tour following the release of their newest album 'Mother'
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Merimna’s fundraising luncheon a success

Members and friends of Merimna Pontion Kyrion (Oceania), community representatives and distinguished guests gathered this week at a Springtime Luncheon fundraiser in support of a project commemorating the humanitarian efforts …


Chelsea beats PAOK, Olympiacos survives with 0-0 score against Betis

Greek clubs completed a week with three games in Europe and no goals scored, as after AEK’s 3-0 loss to Ajax for the Champions League on Wednesday, PAOK went down …


2,000 refugees to be moved from Lesvos to mainland Greece

Close to 2,000 asylum seekers will be moved from Moria refugee camp on the Greek island of Lesvos to the mainland where their asylum claims will be examined, said Greek …


Derby battle for a place in the Grand Final

As the AFL play-offs head ever closer to the Grand Final of 29 September, the teams that remain in the competition give it their all and the fan anticipation grows …


Aitoliko beach in Greece covered in spider web [VIDEO]

A 300-metre-long spider web that has covered the beach in Aitoliko, Greece has been making rounds on the internet, having covered everything from vegetation to the surface of the water. …


Greek mythology made trendy with a dash of humour

Could you imagine the Minotaur as an angry cook, Cyclops driving a cab with his single eye on the road, while holding a frappe in his hand or the Lernaean …


What multicultural gay communities can teach mainstream Australia

Few things can be more overwhelming than Dr Dino Hodge’s CV, summing up a trajectory that includes a professional career in audiology, a PhD in Historical and Philosophical Studies, a …


Adelaide’s month-long celebration of Hellenic cultural returns

Adelaide’s epic Hellenic cultural festival Odyssey returns to the City of Churches next month. Organised by the Greek Orthodox Community of SA Inc. (GOCSA), the month-long festival features an exciting …


Greek hospitality start-up making global headlines

An Athens based startup, which is starting to make headlines around the world as it expands its operations and grows its reputation, says it is also considering entering the Australian …


Petition to turn Hagia Sophia into a mosque denied by Turkish Constitutional Court

The Hagia Sophia will remain a museum, after a petition – launched by the Turkish Union of Permanent Vakifs of Historic Monuments and the Environment – was overruled by the …