Greek researchers use technology to address plastic pollution off Lesvos coast

Researchers in Greece have found an innovative way to fight against a global environmental issue: plastic pollution. A team from the University of the Aegean have developed a system using …

Our top three Greek dishes to keep you warm

If you are not among the lucky ones travelling to Greece this season to enjoy delicious summer mezethes by the sea, try these recipes
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Hundreds of young Greeks given the chance to explore Europe for free

Travel and being immersed in different cultures can be an eye opening experience that provides a form of education that can only be obtained outside of the classroom. In a …

‘A Migrant’s Son’: An ode to first-generation Greek migrants in Australia

'Without the sacrifices of our Greek parents, Australia wouldn't be the country it is today,' says Greek Australian artist Michaela Burger
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Greek composer helps transport Stephen Hawking’s words towards nearest black hole

Greek composer Vangelis has played a key role in paying tribute to physicist Stephen Hawking. The 76-year-old who passed away on 14 March, was laid to rest at Westminster Abbey …


World Cup bonanza on offer for Socceroos

The 2006 FIFA World Cup in Germany was a momentous occasion for Australian football. After a 32-year wait from their previous finals appearance, the Socceroos exceeded expectations by making it …


Russia fires five past Saudis in World Cup opener

Russia struck a goal rush in the opening match of the 2018 World Cup final defeating Saudi Arabia 5-0 at Luzhniki Stadium in Moscow on Friday morning. Two goals to …


Coach sacking threatens Spain campaign

In the aftermath of Real Madrid’s third consecutive Championship League win, few could have predicted the chain of events leading to what has emerged as the biggest crisis to hit …


Macedonian maladroitness

In the 90s, which is the time that most Greek-Melburnians became aware of the ‘Macedonian’ issue, the natural inclination of the community was to express its solidarity with the Greek …


Australian media and academia riding the #MeToo movement

It’s been eight months since the Harvey Weinstein scandal took Hollywood by storm, creating a chain reaction to the film industry as a whole. Australia could not remain unaffected and …


Last batch of reforms for Greece cleared, paving the way for clean bailout exit

Greece is well and truly approaching the end of its international bailout, further signalled on Thursday with Greek lawmakers approving the last batch of economic reforms required by creditors. Voted …


Survey shows Greece is the least satisfied nation in the European Union

Greece is the least satisfied nation in the European Union, according to a Eurobarometer survey released Thursday. The survey conducted between 17 and 28 March revealed that only 52 percent …


Turkey says even birds need its permission to fly over the Aegean

Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu is prone to provocation and he’s done it again. Yesterday he warned that not even a bird will fly over the Aegean without Ankara’s permission. …


Grandfather in central Greece charged with raping his grandchildren, both aged under 10

A grandfather in Lamia, Greece has been charged with raping his two grandchildren, both aged under 10. The 69-year-old retired lawyer, who has denied the charges, became a suspect after …