The Greek Australian Women’s Network, Food for Thought firmly believes in the crucial role of men – as fathers and husbands, friends, colleagues and managers – to the health, emotional wellbeing and positive socioeconomic outcomes of women. By extension, women shape the attitudes towards gender equality in their sons and daughters through positive self-image and by instilling expectations of respect and by placing equal value in their contributions to the family, community and society. Thus, the reciprocal interplay between men and women within the family unit creates the basis for attitudes towards gender equality historically and to this day.

Yet when both men and women have stepped beyond their traditional roles and espoused the ideals of equality, the basis for reform and change is created. The recent bicentennial anniversary of the Greek Revolution of Independence has put a spotlight on the contribution of both men and women in the revolution and the fight for liberty. Focus on the prominent heroes of the Greek War of Independence is traditionally presented but at the same time, we must not overlook the pivotal role of the everyday, unsung hero – men and women- in instilling the ideals of equality and independence in their children.

Konstantinos Kalymnios, a community minded individual with high intellect and functioning, is a well-known columnist, a prolific writer and commentator of all things Greek, including language, religion, history, politics and much more. Recently, in his weekly column of diatribe in NEOS KOSMOS he has presented many of the women unsung heroes who played a role in the War of Independence questioning the way history has been written and what we can learn from it!

His recent post questioning why there aren’t any women Evzones and his discussion on misogyny which is apparent in the absent or negative narratives has prompted us to invite him to talk about the influence of the women in his life that shaped him.  It is evident from his presentations and interests, that he strongly believes in the role of women historically, in more modern times and to the present. How are these roles and the attitudes behind them constructed? Were men involved in developing these attitudes in their roles as fathers, brothers, friends, colleagues etc? By referencing on his role as a committed father he will touch upon his contribution in establishing attitudes of equality and positive self-perception in his children. Kalymnios’s story will help our understanding about the reciprocal interplay between men and women in forming attitudes and expectations in our children and future generations.

This deeply interesting and universal conversation between Konstantinos Kalymnios and Varvara Ioannou is not to be missed.

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