From 4-6 September the Municipality of Istiaia-Edipsos and Active Media Group will be hosting the Authentic Marathon Swim in Pefki, Evia.

The event revives the authentic marathon swimming route 2,500 years after it was first accomplished.

According to some ancient historians, Skyllias and his daughter Hydna were the first ‘marathon swimmers’ to be acknowledged globally.

The story of Skyllias and Hydna begins with their several admirable diving achievements. The two were arrested in 480 B.C. by Persians, who wanted to use the pair of proficient divers for an extensive exploration of underwater treasures left behind by ancient Greek shipwrecks.

Bulgarian Olympic champion & hall of famer, Petar Stoychev will take part in The Authentic Marathon Swim Photo: Instagram

After realising that the Persians planned on using them in an upcoming naval battle in Artemision, meaning that Skyllias and Hydna would have to turn on their Greek compatriots.

The ancient Greek heroes jumped into the sea, sliced the ropes from the anchors of Persian ships and started swimming towards Artemision in order to inform the Greek Naval Forces of the Persian’s plans.

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The event will be welcoming many swimming champions including silver Olympic medallist Spyros Gianniotis, Hungarian swimmer Attila Manyoki and Japanese Olympic champion Yasunari Hirai who will be taking part in the event.

Bulgarian Olympic champion Petar Stoychev will also be taking part in The Authentic Marathon Swim. Mr Stoychev participated in four Olympics, collected 11 consecutive international FINA series titles in open water marathon swimming and holds a place in the Ice Swimming Hall of Fame.

Japanese Olympic champion, Yasunari Hirai will take part in The Authentic Marathon Swim Photo: Danijela Bogdanovic

Open water masters’ world champion Vicky Kouveli and 2011 bronze medallist of the world open water swimming championship Marianna Lymperta will also compete in the event.

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The event also collaborates with more than 30 hotels in the region, with the aim of revitalising the sports tourism industry of Northern Evia and invites people of all ages to take part in events including 10, 3, 1.5 kilometre open water swimming races and even has an 800 metre course for children.

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