Greek Trivia Night

Presented by the Panarcadian Association of Melbourne & Victoria ‘O Kolokotronis’, is a fun night of trivia where most questions have a Greek flavour.

Test your knowledge of all things Greek, be it mythology, Ancient and Modern Greek, music, movies, famous and infamous people, sports.

Will the Athenians or the Spartans win the night? Prizes for the winning table. Food & drink available for purchase.

Leon Fent from TriviaOz and winner of Sale of the Century and The Chase will present the quiz.

Sit with friends or join a table and make friends 4 – 8 per persons/table.

When: Friday July 19, 6.30pm-11.30pm

Where: The Arcadian, 570, Victoria Street, North Melbourne Vic 3058


Poetry Afternoon 2024: Celebrating Cyprus

The Greek-Australian Cultural League in co-ordination with ΣEKA Victoria & the Cyprus 50th Anniversary Action Group and on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the illegal Turkish invasion of Cyprus presents this event.

Celebrating Cyprus with the theme ‘memory speaks’.


When: Saturday July 20, 1.30pm

Where: Steps Gallery, 62 Lygon St, Carlton

More Info: Contact George & Monika Athanasiou, 0402 079 178

Power and Privilege at Pylos: Insights from the Mycenaean Linear B texts

This is a public lecture hosted by the Platonic Academy of Melbourne is free and open to all who are interested in learning about Mycenaean culture and history, and origins of the Greek language.

It is presented by Dr Stavroula (Stephie) Nikoloudis, coordinator of La Trobe University’s Greek Studies program.

Linear B is the script inscribed into the clay tablets serving as the administrative documents of the Mycenaeans of the late Bronze Age. This script reflects the oldest surviving form of the Greek language, ca. 1450-1200 BCE.

In this presentation, Linear B tablets discovered at the Palace of Pylos in southwestern Greece are used to reconstruct the social and political hierarchy of its Mycenaean community.

When: Saturday July 20, 4pm-5.30pm

Where: Kathleen Syme Library and Community Centre, 251 Faraday Street Carlton, VIC 3053


Visitor Voices: Law and Freedom 3

Every third Saturday of each month, the Hellenic Museum guide participants through a Socratic-style discussion among a small group, unleashing their inner philosopher and creating a dialogue between institution and visitor.

Each theme is explored over two to three sessions, and every session centred around a different question. There’s no prior knowledge required.

This month is the third session exploring topics around law and freedom in the ancient and modern worlds.

‘Are we really free, living in societies where rules apply?’

The Western idea of a citizen living within a state, and therefore sharing in the benefits that the state offers, is founded on ancient Greek Stoic philosophy and Roman canon law.

This system requires giving up certain personal freedoms to create the possibility for collective social and political order.

Participants will have the chance to ponder this.

When: Saturday July 20, 12.40pm-1.55pm

Where: Hellenic Museum, 280 William St, Melbourne VIC 3000


Music from the Greek underground 1930/1940

Open Studio are hosting an exploration of music from the Greek Underground of the 1930s and 1940s.

Sotiris Kiokpasoglou and Con Kalamaras will take the stage, presenting a repertoire that embodies the essence of the Greek Underground scene.

Rebetika music emerged within the gritty urban landscape of Greece during the early 20th century, serving as a poignant reflection of the trials and tribulations faced by marginalised communities.

This musical genre, deeply rooted in the experiences of the urban poor, refugees, and outcasts, encapsulated themes of love, poverty, exile, and the harsh realities of city life.

However, due to its association with the clandestine world of the underground, rebetika was swiftly branded as illicit and subversive by the authorities of its time. Its lyrics often delved into topics and lifestyles considered immoral or disruptive to societal norms. Furthermore, the utilisation of instruments like the bouzouki, closely linked with marginalised groups, only heightened its outlaw status.

In the eyes of the authorities, rebetika gatherings were viewed as hotbeds of criminal activity and dissent, prompting crackdowns and censorship measures. Yet, despite these obstacles, rebetika persevered, finding its audience in the shadowy confines of taverns and clandestine clubs where it echoed the voices of its creators.

When: Friday July 26, Doors open 7.30pm, show runs 9pm-11pm

Where: Open Studio Bar, 204 High St, Northcote VIC 3070



Kids Olympics

The Greek Community Club are hosting Olympic activities for the kids ready to dive into the Olympic spirit ahead of the Paris Games.

Activities include a Parade of Nations, crafting your own torch and Olympic wreaths, learning about the history of the Olympics, and physical activities like an Olympic Rings Challenge, Spoon and Egg Race and Jumping Sack.

Bring a lunchbox and water bottle. Tickets cost $20 per child

When: Wednesday July 17, 10am-2pm

Where: Greek Community Club, 206-210 Lakemba St, Lakemba NSW 2195

Bookings: Call 02 9740 6022 or email at


Greek Paniyiri 2024

The Founders present a night of music, food, drinks, plate smashing and lots of dancing.

With the Greek classic tunes from DJ Tommy T plus live Bouzoukia & Toubeleki from Harry & Kris.

Mezze to start, souvlaki & patates main course with Greek dessert.

When: Saturday July 27, 6.30pm

Where: The Founders Restaurant, 246 Fosters Road, Oakden SA 5086


My Big Fat Greek Party

Raidis Estate are hosting a Greek party next month, featuring Adelaide Greek band Sizmos.

It’s guaranteed to be an epic night of dancing, music, plate smashing and unforgettable moments.

Show off your Greek spirit in the Best Greek Costume competition, whether it’s a toga, a Zeus-inspired outfit, or something uniquely creative. The best-dressed will score an awesome prize, so bring your A-game.

Prizes will also be awarded to the best Greek dancing from a Greek and non-Greek person.

When: Saturday August 3, 5pm-11pm

Where: Raidis Estate, 15741 Riddoch Hwy, Penola SA 5277



Cyprus 1974-2024: 50 Years

The Cypriot Community of WA Inc. are commemorating the tragedy of Cyprus through moving songs of suffering, injustice and defiance.

Apostolos & Dimitris Fotiadis and special guest Maria Fotiadis will be performing.

When: Sunday July 28, 3pm

Where: Churchlands Senior High School – Paul Latham Music Auditorium, 20 Lucca St, Churchlands WA 6018


AUS Wide

Agapi & Other Kinds of Love

Luka ‘Lesson’ Haralambou is taking his show around Australia next month, visiting Byron Bay NSW, Adelaide SA, Bendigo VIC and Araluen NT.

The Ancient Greek types of love are revealed via timeless love stories told in rap and spoken word with live musicians.

Based on Plato’s The Symposium, Agapi & Other Kinds of Love begins with Socrates telling a banquet of friends everything he learned from a mysterious lover named: Diotima.

The gods then take the audience on a journey – collapsing time and space to arrive in modern day Athens, where the two reincarnations of the Ancient lovers fall in love (again) in the midst of a riot.

Equal parts a rap concert, poetic musical & classical history lesson, Agapi & Other Kinds of Love shows the audience how love prevails despite the trials and tribulations of the ages.

He’ll have more shows in Melbourne VIC and Bellingen NSW later this year.

More info and bookings:

Byron Bay, August 11

Adelaide, August 16

Bendigo, August 23

Araluen, August 25