Helena and Vicki helped bring ratings gold to Channel Seven this year, as My Kitchen Rules ranked as one of the most watched TV shows of the year.

My Kitchen Rules got four spots in the top 10 reality shows of the year, and came second overall in the most watched programs of the year.

My Kitchen Rules’ winners announced show saw 2,712,00 viewers tune in, while mid-week shows raked in close to 2 million viewers.

The on-air feuds between Greek Australian twins Helena and Vicki and the well-travelled friends from Western Australia Chloe and Kelly proved a cash cow for Channel Seven. The rivalry proved insatiable for fans, who would take to social media to chastise or congratulate the duos.

Helena and Vicki’s presence also saw thousands of Greek Australians tune into the show for the first time, being encouraged by the traditional recipes the girls would cook up, even if they were slightly bastardised or not executed with the best technique.

Despite not getting to the final, the twins have enjoyed success from the show, being involved in many cooking demonstrations at Greek festivals all around Australia, and are in the process of releasing a cookbook.

The most watched TV program of the year was unsurprisingly the AFL Grand Final, with 2,828,000 viewers tuning in.

Fat Tony and Co, directed by Peter Andrikidis and staring Costas Kilias, Maria Mercedes, Tony Nikolakopoulos, Steve Mouzakis, Jason Gianginis, Odette Joannidis and Alex Tsitsopoulos also took out top ratings gongs, coming in at fourth and fifth in the top 10 dramas of the year. The first and second episodes of the show had close to 2.5 million viewers combined.