There is something particularly special about black and white photography, drawing attention to the minute details of image.

In this kaleidoscopic photographic exhibition, photographer Margit Selg-Anagnostopoulos shows us the antitheses in our world.

The exhibition, taking place at the Richmond Library Theatrette, will be hosted by the Embassy of Greece, and curated by Eva T Dafaranos.

Mrs Dafaranos also composed the haiku poetry accompanying the photo-exhibits, dedicated to the vision of our planet’s future and to mankind working together in harmony with the gifts and beauty of nature.

The exhibition is set to be inaugurated on Wednesday 9 December in honour of Chapter Kleio – Daughters of Penelope, AHEPA in support of Arts and Culture, and will be open to the public for the two days following on Thursday 10 and Friday 11 December.

Don’t miss your chance to view this moving and inspiring collection of images.

“Parallel angles of existence … and I think to myself what a wonderful world!”

When: 10-11 December from 12 noon-8.00 pm

Where: Richmond Library Theatrette, 415 Church Street, Richmond, VIC