One of the biggest names in the Greek hip-hop world and indeed Greek music of the last decade has been Master Tempo.

Straight out of Thessaloniki and part of the prolific Spicy Label representing names the likes of Despina Vandi and Elli Kokkinou, Master Tempo have left their mark with younger audiences in Greece and Cyprus.

Now they are back in Australia to follow up their successful 2014 tour.

Expect to see and hear more of the songs that made them famous including Χαμός θα Γίνει, which at last count had been viewed by almost 11 million people on YouTube.

The group, developed by Petros Dinalis, was joined in 2006 by Zanis, whose rapping skills were easily lapped up by Greek radio and Greek music channels.

These days however, Master Tempo is simply the talents of Petros.

From the 2008 debut album ‘Doggy Style’ to current remixes of Greek pop and hip-hop, Master Tempo has become a real hit machine and one of the hottest producing names in the Greek world. Pick up just about any reputable Greek compilation and it’s likely you will find an offering listed.

Recent collaborations include a who’s who of Greek stars – Christos Dantis, Nikos Vertis, Kalomoira, Xryspa, Kostas Karafotis, as well as celebrity top model come singer Gogo Mastrokosta.

Joining Master Tempo on tour will be Maria Iakovou from Athens, having first made her name, like many contemporary Greek acts, on Fame Story, around the same time that the outfit was formed.

Her first release was the hit album ‘Mavra Mesanichta’ in 2008, which featured the hit songs Pali den eisai edo, Einai kati deilina and Xanomai, while the title track was a massive hit.

Her second album, ‘Gia sena anasaino’, reached the top 10 of Balkan territories, while incredibly, it reached number one in Turkey.

The singer’s musical style differs from Master Tempo, providing a more contemporary popular music approach. Her voice is described as being angelic and mesmerising.

“I really love that connection my music creates between myself and the audience and the way it makes them feel,” Maria told Neos Kosmos.

“It’s the fourth time I am coming to Australia, so I wouldn’t have it otherwise.
“Petros (Master Tempo) is an old good friend and DJ Krazy Kon a new one; I am looking forward to sharing the stage with them.”

To underscore her all-round talent, Maria has also dabbled with acting, taking a supporting role in the Mavra Mesanichta TV series, where her first hit was the soundtrack.

“I loved acting and still do. I hope I will have that opportunity again,” Maria enthused.

Rounding out the all-star bill is DJ Krazy Kon, fresh from a tour of the US, with his recent offering reaching the top 10 ARIA compilation charts for his ‘Greece Series 2016’.

The latest album, his 17th in the Greece series, has kept the DJ/producer busy as it has steadily crept up the charts, ensuring the next one is firmly around the corner.

Kon is “feeling excited by the line up”, and can’t wait for the shows. Judging by the star power of the bill, expect to see a powerful and energetic performance from all involved.

For as they say, Χαμός θα γίνει!

Tickets for Adelaide 27 May @ the Pearl 0413 002 298 and Sydney at Central Live, Rockdale on 28 May on 0418 451 481. For more information go to

* Billy Cotsis is a freelance writer and short film director.