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Alexander the Great on his way out of FYROM

The country is considering changing the name of the capital's airport and removing statues of the ancient Macedonian king, in a motion to appease Greece

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24 November 2017

The Zaev government of the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia is taking a large step to ease tensions with Greece, by removing a series of statues of historical figures such as Alexander the Great, from the streets of Skopje.

The statues were erected as part of the previous government's flagship program, Skopje 2014.

Former PM Nikola Gruevski had announced the program as part of a policy to boost tourism and strengthen national identity, but the plan backfired in all aspects.

Originally estimated to cost around 80 million euros, it ended up costing nine times that amount, i.e. around 700 million.

Budget aside, it jeopardised relations with most of the country's neighbours, from Greece to Albania, which was not happy to see a statue of Mother Theresa among those boosting national pride in FYROM's capital.

What's more, FYROM's moderate PM Zoran Zaev, is also seriously considering changing the name of Skopje's Airport from Alexander the Great, in another attempt to re-establish his country's severed ties with Greece, according to a report in The Calvert Journal.

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If Macedonia was really Greek of kin then Macedonia would've been called & known as Greek now & through out their entire history & existence but they weren't were they? Same must be said if it was the other way around IF GREECE WAS MACEDONIAN of kin then Greece would've known & called Macedonia but they're NOT ARE THEY? U can't have it both ways Greece. There it lyes in itself they was significant differences between them that they were not of same blood or of kin as other Hellenic states are within Greece the Greek nation, Macedonia is NOT & NEVER WAS ONCE WAS A PART OF GREECE.
Whoever came up with the idea to baptize FYROM to Macedonia and change more than 20 centuries old worldwide established history through the erection of sculptured stones or curved metals to build statues of Alexander the Great, was a very shallow thinking person/persons. Catastrophically wrong was also their decision to pay millions of dollars to CNN as well as other public relations agencies to sell the "fake" country of Alexander the Great through the use of newly created symbols and recently "baptized historical sites". In my view the best strategy for the leaders of FYROM, a small country landlocked in the middle of nowhere with poor infrastructure and no access to sea ports would be to germinate into the public opinion the idea of joining Greece and together with little help from the Greek people, they could be part of Alexander the Great history, be part of the port of Thessaloniki and automatically become members of the EU, NATO and other international organizations.

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