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Alphington Grammar raises $15,000 for muscular dystrophy

Bill Papastergiadis and Nick Koukouvitakis get dunked in an ice pool for a good cause

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(L) Bill Papastergiadis and Nick Koukouvitakis(R). Photos: Kostas Deves

01 September 2017

As part of its Father's Day celebrations, Alphington Grammar organised a fundraiser for muscular dystrophy.

The event, attended by hundreds of community members, parents and teachers as well as AFL veterans Anthony Koutoufides, Anthony and Bec Daniher, Τony Liberators, Keith Grieg, Peter McKenna and others, was sold out and a total success.

Attendees were informed about the disease taking the life of three Australians every day and the toll on patients' and carers' everyday lives.

Alphington Grammar, with the help of the community, managed to raise over $15,000.

Dr Nikou with students and parents.

On the fun side, bids were made on the president of the Greek Orthodox Community of Melbourne and Victoria Bill Papastergiadis and his business partner Nick Koukouvitakis to be dunked in an ice pool.

"It was four degrees outside and the water was even colder," Bill Papastergiadis tells Neos Kosmos.

"The water was freezing but the pain was worth it. We need to take the pain for the greater good. The event demonstrates our commitment to the general issues confronting all of us and not necessarily [only] Greek-related matters."

Celebrating the event's success: Richmond's Michel Roach, West Bulldogs' Tony Liberatore, Carlton's Anthony Koutoufidis, principal of Alphington Grammar Dr Vivianne Nikou, GCOMV president Bill Papastergiadis, Nick Koukouvitakis, Bec Daniher, Marinis Pirpiris, Collingwood's Peter McKenna, North Melbourne's Keith Graig. 

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Just a correction that the amount raised was for MND not muscular dystrophy. Also the spelling of Liberatore and Greig is incorrect throughout the article. Regards, Con Papoulis Head of House Pericles Alphington Grammar School

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