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Boutaris: 'You can't get any more Macedonian than me'

The mayor of Thessaloniki weighs in on the FYROM debate

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Yiannis Boutaris

05 January 2018

Yannis Boutaris has never shied away from controversy. This time, the mayor of Thessaloniki weighed in on the matter of the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) naming issue, repeating his long-standing view that a compromise is in order.

"You should have good relations with your neighbours," he argued in a radio interview, defending his decision to invite FYROM's moderate prime minister, Zoran Zaev to ring in the New Year in Thessaloniki.

"We agreed on conducting cultural exchanges with dance and music and lectures. We also spoke about Thessaloniki establishing a scholarship," Boutaris said.

"The naming issue was derailed by the idiocy of politicians. These people [of FYROM] want to find an identity, with concessions on both sides, and the opposition is also ready for a compromise. Zaev said he would change the name of the [Alexander the Great] airport and change street signs," he added, confirming the new FYROM leader's moderate stance on the issue.

Answering to his critics, Yannis Boutaris said: "There is no one who is more Macedonian than me. My heritage and upbringing says it all."

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He's another self absorbed loony tune and a traitor. If he spent even 1% of his time looking after his own constituents as he does trying to befriend Vardaskans, Albanians, Turks and Jews he might actually do something worthwhile in that city rather than have half of it immigrate to Australia.
The time for compromise may already be too late. Greece, Serbia and Bulgaria have behaved like three babies born yesterday with no knowledge of the World and how it functions. The three states have been living the lies created by the Colonial powers for so long they have forgotten the truth and the reality of life in the Balkans. The Balkan states were created at the same time as the Middle East states and all have been through the fires of war and destruction as they have believed the Colonial powers have changed their ways; and, the talk of democracy, human rights and fairness has no meaning at all coming from people who always have a sword at the neck of the weak. The Colonial Powers need to be fed like feral dogs to lessen their attacks on the weak sheep. The Christians in the Middle East were the majority in many places but they have been displaced by the use of the oil money to benefit the Colonial Powers. Zoran Zaev and the majority Albanians in the new "Macedonia" never wanted to see the creation of another state in the Balkans; especially a "Christian" one. The Macedonian name means nothing to them. They know they are Muslim Albanians and Allies of all other Balkan Muslim states. The Muslim states in the Balkans are seen as a safe bet by the Colonial Powers, when compared to Greece, Serbia and Bulgaria who at a drop of a hat they put out a hand to the Russians; forgetting the Russians have caused them more harm than the Colonial Powers. The Greek economic problems arose because interest rates went from 2% to 12% and even 25% after stupid politicians declared war against the west, thinking they were Byzantine Emperors and they could call on Russia’s might. Turkey is working to create a situation where the new Macedonia is linked with North and South Thrace; and, when conflict between Russia and the Colonial Powers escalates to use the moment to get a “license” to change the one hundred year old borders.

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