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Facebook fury over Father Lefteris' sermon on 15 August

The priest was accused of allegedly turning his Tuesday celebratory sermon into anti-gay marriage hate speech

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Fr Lefteris Tatsis

21 August 2017

A post on social media by a parishioner of the Greek Orthodox Monastery of Panagia Kamariani in Red Hill went viral amongst members of Melbourne's Greek Orthodox Community on 15 August, causing turmoil.

According to a Facebook user, Father Lefteris Tatsis allegedly turned his Tuesday celebratory sermon into anti-gay marriage hate speech saying that he himself "would shoot dead anyone who is gay and wants to get married with a shotgun he keeps in the back".

The post that has now been taken down was shared by numerous members of the Greek community asking for an apology or an explanation.
Neos Kosmos contacted both the priest and the archdiocese spokesperson yet we received no answer.

Father Lefteris, however, gave an interview to SBS Greek on Thursday evening addressing the accusations.

Speaking to SBS radio journalist Alexandros Logothetis he said: "Well, I don't remember. If people say I've said that it's false. But if someone recorded me saying this, then I apologise a thousand times. I do not remember saying this, but if I did I'm sorry. It must have been on the spur of the moment. I wouldn't kill anyone; I wouldn't hurt a bird. (. . .) Gay people have this habit. Say if I have a habit, am I allowed to give it to other people? These people are in the gutter. (. . .) My own granddaughter tells me 'they are people, too' and yes they are, and I love them but say you have a hamper full of oranges and one of those is rotten, all the oranges are going to rot."

Neos Kosmos is still waiting on a response from church officials.

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Hi, as I posted in the related (mis-informed) opinion piece, this debate misses one thing - marriage is something set up by religions, for their use, and I noted that all major ones (Christian, Muslim, Jewish, Hindu, Bahai, etc) sent official letters opposing ssm a few years ago. Civil and defacto unions give all required rights. So, is the issue really that Caesar should stay out of this, and render unto infrastructure, defence and foreign relations...? Pity the poor person who takes on the new fascism, oddly called antifa. See:
I just hope the mainstream media doesn't get a hold of this. The backlash to the Greek Orthodox Church could be horrendous. Vote Yes for marriage equality.

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