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Five federal MPs lose their seats in dual citizenship decision

As a result the Turnbull government has lost its one seat majority in parliament, with Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce set to face a by-election to regain his seat

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Deputy PM Barnaby Joyce faces a by-election to regain his seat.

27 October 2017

Australian politics was thrown into chaos on Friday as the seven federal MPs embroiled in the dual citizenship debacle awaited their fate as the High Court decided their eligibility.

Five federal MPs lost their seats including Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce, Deputy Nationals leader Senator Fiona Nash, One Nation Senator Malcolm Roberts, and Greens Senators Larissa Waters and Scott Ludlam, having been declared not validly elected due to holding citizenship of another country, and thereby ineligible to serve in Australian Parliament.

Independent Senator Nick Xenophon and Nationals Senator Matt Canavan have retained their seats.

As a result the Turnbull government has lost its one seat majority in parliament.

Joyce now faces a fight to regain the seat of New England, with a by-election expected to be called immediately.

According to reports, the earliest date a by-election can be held is 2 December.

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As someone who studied and did exceptionally well in Constitutional Law under one of Australia's leading Professors, I was absolutely stunned not just by the decision but by its rare unanimity. Clearly, I will seek the full Court judgment to better understand how such learned legal minds could arrive at such a pathetic decision. But in the meantime, what are the potential horrendous implications for Australia? What does this judgment say about the strength of an Oath to Australia and indeed our place in the world. Because, effectively, the High Court Justices have determined that other nations can have a huge say in what happens within what WERE our jurisdictional borders. So taking an Oath to Australia is meaningless, unless one is a pure blood aboriginal Australian

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