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Flights from Greece to Iraq to resume

Starting this weekend, the reintroduction of flights to Iraq puts an end to a long standstill

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Photo: Iraqi News

03 November 2017

It has been years since flights to Iraq have been made available from Greece, and on Saturday 4 November the hiatus will come to an end.

The two countries agreed reached an agreement on Wednesday to resume flights between the countries.

A statement from the Iraqi Transport Ministry said that a delegation from the Iraqi civilian aviation authorities had signed a draft agreement in preparation for the final version of the agreement to be signed by Transport Minister Kazim Fanjam.

The new agreement on the exchanged flights will go on to replace the version signed by Greece and Iraq in 1971, says the ministry.

Meanwhile, there will also be a new memorandum citing that both countries will run 10 passenger flights and two cargo flights per week that will replace an earlier one signed in 2009.

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