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‘God instructs man to not lie down with man’

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25 August 2009

In the final NKEE edition of 2008, the editorial team described Theo Giantsos as a “special find”.
Indeed, Theo has written some classic works, namely ‘Sacred Greek BBQ under threat’ (NKEE 08/12/08), «ad-’Gough Whitlam took my breath away’(NKEE 15/06/09).
Last week however, Mr Giantsos naively predicted that the Orthodox Church will one day endorse “gay marriage” (NKEE 10/08/09). Listen Theo, God’s standard of Holiness is fixed for all eternity.
No Christian denomination has the power to re-define God’s moral code. If any church attempts such a stunt, it instantly becomes a secular church whose teachings are built on the matchstick foundation of man’s temporary opinions.
In Leviticus 18 & 20, God instructs man to not lie down with man.

Notice that the Bible distinguishes between homosexual acts and the condition in a person which attracts them to the same sex.

Homosexuality is one passion among many which the Bible tries to address. Depraved passions are a result of fallen humanity.

Since Adam’s disobedience, mutations and an inclination to sin have taken a toll on everyone’s free will which is in constant battle with our fleshly desires.

Regardless of our corrupted nature though, humans are designed with an immaterial free will which has the capacity to seek God and tune into the Holy Spirit which has the ability to transform our fallen desires.

At the core of these issues lies a question which Mr Giantsos must answer. Does he prefer man to decide truth or does he trust the Almighty’s parameters for right and wrong?

In NKEE (15/09/08), Giantsos wrote “my faith in the absolute divinity of the Nazarene remains strong and undiminished.”

Hebrews 1:3 says that the Son is “the brightness of His glory and the express image of His person”.

If Theo believes ‘absolutely’ in Jesus then he should know that Jesus believed ‘absolutely’ in the OT and God’s Moral Law.

When God established the institution of marriage in Genesis, he did not create Adam and Steve!

Why not? In God’s design, men and women were created as a perfect fit not only for love making but also as a perfect parental combination.

God reads the future and knows what would happen if gay marriages were allowed. The next request by the secular movement would be to grant equal rights to gays in IVF programs and at adoption agencies.

Marriages grow rich in meaning when each of the partners give consideration first to their children.

Gays should be banned from participating in IVF programs because a committed marriage between a righteous man and woman will always (regardless of which century) provide the ultimate environment for a child to thrive physically, mentally and emotionally.

Why settle for second or third best? Children deserve the very best!

Tony Giannopoulos
Malvern Vic 3144

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Leave the church for those who want and value traditional religious based marriage and (maybe) allow others similar rights through different means. i.e. Civil Union. Marriage is traditionally NOT about love. Marriage is a way of ensuring inheritance, property, business etc through many, many generations. This is what creates a stable society. The church helps keep this practice in motion. A lot of the very wealthy gay couples like Elton John can afford to use surrogates so that they can have an heir but many more cant. These couples look to cheaper places like India and pay poor uneducated women to have these babies for them because gay couples cannot adopt in traditional ways.. Don’t get me started on baby farming. I am an atheist and I think that the bible is ridiculous and the notion of a god is childish - but I can also see where the church is massively influential in keeping societies wheel perpetually in motion. I really do not support same sex marriage in an institution that is not made for them. Homosexuals need to lobby their politicians and leave the churches to the believers.

Mr Giannopoulos - I am afraid that I cannot agree with your summation at all. I speak not of words in a book (although I must say that Mr/Ms Kapsalis is on the money in his/her reply) but of experience. I speak of the experience of friends and their families and the loving nurture of their children. It forever confuses me that a church that claims to be built on one of the fundamentals of its holy scriptures - that of love - is so ready to marginalise and deride members of its flock.

If its in the bible then it must be right. And what about all the other instructions in the bible? For instance, can we sell our daughters into slavery as sanctioned by Exodus 21:7? Should we buy our slaves from New Zealand or Indonesia, our neighboring countries, as suggested by Leviticus 25:44? Should we kill anyone who works on the Sabbath as instructed by Exodus 35:2?

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