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Golden Globe Winner recognises Hellenic heritage during acceptance speech

Alexandre Desplat victorious for his mesmerising work on award winning 'Shape of Water', talks about the influence of his Greek mother

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11 January 2018

Greek film composer Alexandre Desplat won the Golden Globe for Best Score on Guilermo del Toro's Shape of Water.

"When you are 15, 16, you are looking for your roots, trying to find who you are, what legacy is following you," Mr Desplat said during his acceptance speech.

"Of course there is the legacy from the French father, but there was something about the Greek environment around me that was talking to me a lot," he said.

"And I like the sun, the sea, and the benevolence of the Greek people."

This isn't the first time that the work of Desplat, born in Paris to a French father and Greek mother, has been recognised for his work.

In, 2004 he was also nominated for a Golden Globe for his work on Girl With a Pearl Earring, and was the winner of the Best Original Score for The Painted Veil. He has been nominated nine times for a Golden Globe Best Original Score since 2004.

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