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Greece last in over-the-counter drug consumption

Reluctance in consuming over-the-counter drugs is believed to be an after-effect of the ongoing recession

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Photo: Kathimerini

27 September 2017

Among EU countries, Greece ranks last in non-prescription drug consumption, statistics show. According to the global index of pharmaceutical consumption, published in the daily newspaper Naftemporiki per capita expenditure over the past few years remains at €21.5, amounting to €230 million in total.

This reluctance of the Greek consumer to trust over-the-counter medicines is an after-effect of the ongoing recession, which has taken its toll on the overall consumption index, dragging down expenditure. In what concerns pharmaceuticals, in particular, Greece has retreated from one of the top spots of consumption to near the bottom among the EU member states.

Greece has been infamous for excessive use of prescription drugs, something which came to an abrupt end, after the crisis erupted. Apart from that, the Greek public is reluctant to use over-the-counter medication to treat minor health issues, such as the common cold, due to a lack of experience and knowledge.

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