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Greece to commemorate centenary of Gallipoli

This weekend a large Greek and Australian contingent in Lemnos will commemorate the Anzac centenary

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Anzac Cove

16 April 2015

To mark the centenary of the Anzac Gallipoli campaign, the Australian Embassy in Athens has announced a series of events that will take place throughout the month of April.

In recognition of the crucial role played by Lemnos during the war period as a staging point and hospital station, various services will be held on the island.

From April 17 to 20, a significant presence of Greek and Australian military, government and community members has been arranged, with services to be held at both Commonwealth War Grave Cemeteries in the Lemnian villages of Moudros and Portianos.

The Australian delegation is set to be led by H.E. Ambassador John Griffin, and Chief of Navy Vice Admiral Tim Barrett.

Also as part of the official commemorations, the Australian Battle Tanker, HMAS Success, will visit Greece for the first time since 2005.

The ship, which has been stationed in the Middle East since December 2014 conducting operations under the Combined Maritime Forces and under NATO, will be open to visitors between 10.00 am and 3.00 pm on Friday 24 April.

Following this, on Anzac Day, Saturday 25 April a service will take place at the Phaleron Commonwealth War Graves Cemetery in Athens.

The service commemorating the women and servicemen who played a role in the fight and struggle on Greek soil will commence at 11.00 am and is open to all wishing to attend.

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