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Greek actor in Netflix series

Images of Gerasimos Skiadaresis appearing in the saucy scenes has caused a stir in Greece

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Gerasimos Skiadaresis in one of the scenes of Subbura, which the Greek media misunderstood for his personal photos.

20 October 2017

It is not common for Greek actors to appear in international film and TV projects, which is why Gerasimos Skiadaresis caused a stir for his participation in the Italian Netflix production Suburra, which deals with the Vatican sex scandals and the shady connections between the church, the political and economic elite and organised crime.

Skiadaresis, an acclaimed, seasoned theatre actor, who has also appeared in several popular TV comedies, plays the role of a corrupt cardinal, the head of finances in the Holy See i.e. the position held by Cardinal George Pell.

Images of the actor appearing in saucy scenes, in which his character participates in orgies, performs self-flaggelation and takes hard drugs, caused a stir in Greece, with tabloids even claiming that they are his personal photos.

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