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Greek Orthodox Church inconsistent on gay marriages

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01 September 2009

Objections to gay marriage and condemnation of homosexuality by the churches and particularly the Greek Orthodox Church raise some interesting inconsistencies.

Firstly, the Church preaches peace, love and benevolence yet it does not extend them to gays. Rather it seems to use hate and condemnation. It seems somewhat strange and un-Christian to condemn people on the basis of their love for others, albeit of the same sex.

Secondly, the Greek Orthodox Church equates “Greek-ness” with Orthodox Christianity. It was supposed that you could not be Greek if you were not Orthodox Christian.

While it is true that the overwhelming majority of Greeks are also Greek Orthodox Christians - at least nominally - and most modern Greeks claim the ancient Greek heritage as their own, yet ancient Greek practices are at odds with the beliefs of the Church.

Homosexuality was common in aristocratic ancient Greek culture. Achilles, Patroclos, Solon, Themistocles, Aristides, Socrates, Alcibiades, to mention but a few, are known to have indulged. So let’s not sweep it under the carpet.

Thirdly, celibacy in the higher echelons of the church and in monasteries has the unintended consequence of appealing to males who are either not attracted to females or in some cases predominantly attracted to  males.

In such circumstances homosexuality is practicedand although kept secret is even tolerated. It reminds one of the comical USA military policy on gays of “Don’t ask, don’t tell”.

Name withheld at request of author

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If two or more people want to live together they can make a private agreement and do so. They can make a private contract as to the terms when they separate. Homosexuals should invent their own ceremonies and words and live in separate guettos, christians and other religious people do not want their children to see you, just as they do not want their children to see many other things. Today is the day for all to compromise and make peace. In a few years when the fundamentalist religious people become stronger in Australian society the first laws that will be passed in Parliament will be the laws to burn homosexuals alive or to stone them to death in public. You do not think this can happen? Its only a matter of time. We all sleep in the bed we make for ourselves. Provoking change when a society is not ready for change only builds up hatred and resentment. Evolution not revolution.
lets see if this gets through the politically correct wannabe's at NK. Dear anonymous author, your desires placed upon the facts, such as "known to have indulged..." do not make them facts. You probably agree with the recent and purely speculative proclamation of Kolokotronis and St Paul being homosexual. If you want an contemporary and endorsed Church position go to fr. Athanasios Mytilineos, all the rest is conjecture and transient fashion. There is no inconsistency in the Church view, there is however, hardness of your heart that wants to bend virtue to accommodate debauchery.

Just because the church says that homosexuality is wrong doesn’t mean that they are in any way against gay people.

The church loves all people including homosexuals, but like a good parent it cant agree and go along with all the incorrect things people do.

In the same way if a parent disciplines a child it may seem to some that the parent is not showing love and benevolance. But in reality the parent has great love for their child , and gives discipline for the child’s own benefit.

The church views all people as sinners, not just homosexuals, since we all commit sins like anger, greed, lust etc.
Some of us are even born with genetic weaknesses or tendencies that make us more likely to commit certain sins. For example compulsive people find it hard not to gamble or highly strung people find it hard to control their temper.
Now it would be tempting for that person with the temper to say, well,I don’t hit or kill anyone, and I’ve had this temper my whole life, so why should I change ?
But the truth is that this anger is damaging him spiritually and making his life unhappy, but he can only see the pleasure and refief he gets when he angrily swears at someone who has done him wrong.
Only when a person overcomes such a problem with a long spiritual struggle , does he look back and admit that his anger caused him much harm.

The church is no authority on morale or political correctness these are the people who stripped us form our ancient Hellenic roots and brought the inquisition to our homes. Let reason and logic guide us not mysticism, the only thing I want to say on gay marriage is this if you want to join the church you have to respect the clubs rules. Everything else is between you and your maker not the church.

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