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Greek wine producers seek abolition of excise tax

The taxes were noted as disastrous for the industry

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09 June 2017

Winemakers have requested excise duty on wine produced in Greece be abolished, claiming it is disastrous for the industry.

The point was raised during a meeting last week in the presence of Agricultural Development Minister, Vangelis Apostolou.

Those in attendance, including president of the National Inter-Professional Organization of Vine and Wine of Greece, Vangelis Argyris, said that the government should put an end to the tax as soon as possible stating that is has "been proved it destroys the structures of the industry, favouring parasitic networks," reports Tornos News.

A strategic plan for wine making involving the state was also discussed on the day, along with the possibility of the union using part of Tatoi Palace, the former palace of the Greek Royal Family, located 27 kilometres from Athens' city centre.

Meanwhile, as various Greek wineries prepare to take part in the Wines of Greece event held in Australia this month, the union asked the Minister for assistance in promoting the event.

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The Greek Government should make the wine industry pay double the amount of taxes, as so far they have shown themselves to be a total embarrassment for Greece. A business group that refuses to sell its products or respect contracts or the rule of law does not deserve any support from the taxes paid by the poorest people. If a business cannot stand on its own feet is going nowhere anyway. The World wants Greek wine but not the childish silly games. Who wants to go to the supermarket and get in discussions with the checkout chick if she should let you have the goods? Business is all about take my money; give me the good s and good bye.

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