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Hawthorn Spartans in a thrilling draw

Last Saturday also saw the 2016 Premiership Flag unveiled

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Photo: Kostas Deves

24 April 2017

On Saturday the Spartans finished up playing in their first ever draw in 6 years, at home and in perfect conditions.

With only 19 players and 13 players missing, the Spartans were down in the second quarter by 38 points and were really tested against a very spirited opposition.

In the second half the Spartans outscored the opposition by 33 points, actually got to the front in the last quarter but with limited rotations finished up courageously in a draw.

The team have not lost a home game in the last 50 matches, however, only 30 per cent of KPI’s were met and there is a lot of improvement to be made this season.

The scores vs South Mornington were:

1st QTR 1.2.8 to 5.1.31
2nd QTR 3.4.22 to 9.1.55
3rd QTR 8.8.56 to 10.1.61
4th QTR 12.9.81 to 13.3.81

Tim Demetriou 4, Con Pana 3, Joe Giorgini 2, Brendan Coutet 1, Nick Criticos 1, and Adam Karim 1.

Best Players:
Tom DeWit, Joe Giorgini, Con Pana, Nick Criticos, Daniel Tyrrell and Brendan Coutet.

This Saturday at 9.20am at Bulleen Park, Spartans are playing arch rivals Old Xaverians for top spot on the ladder.

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