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Juncker calls on Greece to agree to joint sea patrols with Turkey

Neighbour cooperation would be very 'useful' to control refugee arrivals

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Jean-Claude Juncker.

15 October 2015

A day after the Greek Foreign Ministry ruled out conducting joint patrols in the Aegean Sea with Turkey, European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker on Wednesday called on Athens to reconsider, noting that the refugee crisis is “a European issue, it’s not an issue of Greek-Turkish relations.”

Speaking at the European Parliament in Brussels ahead of a two-day summit of European Union leaders on migration, Juncker asked Athens to rethink its position as the cooperation of the two countries’ naval forces, “under European auspices,” would be “very useful” in the Aegean.

Describing Turkey is an important but difficult partner, Juncker said joint patrols of the Aegean were crucial as Turkey has become a gateway for hundreds of thousands of refugees. He suggested that Turkish authorities were open to the idea of joint patrols.

German government spokesman Steffen Seibert struck a similar tone, stressing the need for a “coordinated situation” between Greece and Turkey in the Aegean and at the EU’s external borders to obstruct the activities of human smugglers.

In a related development, the head of the EU’s task force in Greece, Maarten Verwey, said that the process of identifying and registering migrants and refugees by Greek authorities had improved, noting that officials on the island of Lesvos, a key entry point, were registering up to 3,500 migrants daily.

Source: Kathimerini

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Turkey is the next Saudi Arabia. Just as oil has started its decline the next fuel is mostly only in Turkey. The Turkish religious leadership is as bad as the sub humans in Arabia. Do not expect the North Europeans in any way to show concern for Greece. Humanity produces sewerage and religions, and, both leave the same mark on the earth. The Turkish Fascist leadership will use any weapon against the Balkans and its own people who refuse to be chained by the silly Semitic mania for rags and to be a sheep. Greece lost the opportunity in 1962 to develop nuclear weapons. Greece is stuck between the Fascism of Britain, France and Germany one one side and Turkey on the other. With the destruction of Yugoslavia there is no leadership in the fragmented Balkans to even protest against any rape. In 1922 Turkey was left in a situation to act as a barrier to Russia; just as the christians and other minorities in the middle east have seen a 100 year war against them by Britain and France and the USA to please the Saudi Arabians. Britain created Greece in 1821 to act as a base in its one hundred years war against the Ottoman Empire. Greece has no longer any value.
Yeah Great. That would allow the Turks to send the forces throughout Greek territory legally! A bit like putting dracula in charge of the blood bank. Give it 10 years and they'll be telling Greece to give Turkey a few islands instead.
On the one hand there is absolutely no argument here - Hellas and Turkey should both be patrolling the waters AND the land between them to stop illegal crossings. That said, however, Turkey has deliberately been flouting Hellenic jurisdiction for decades and has never respected Hellenic authority over Hellenic air space and waters. That is why I choked on my breakfast when I heard NATO and the USA bag Russia for doing once what Turkey does regularly, cross over territory that is not theirs. But there is far more here, the very fact that Turkey has either deliberately closed their eyes to the people smugglers who are sending refugees across to Hellas or indeed has helped them cross over the borders to Thrace or travel by ship to Hellenic islands. Then on top of that we have the 'vlakia' where the European bullies which include Herr Juncker - was his father one of those who looted our banks at the end of WW21 - the EC President and his mates have demanded that Hellas reduce defence spending by 50%. WITHOUT offering any guarantees to help Hellas immediately if there were any Turkish aggression. I have no problem with the Turkish Prime Minister. He appears to be a good and decent man just as is the Turkish Mayor ion Cyprus. But President Erdogan is a danger to peace and security and that is why the Hellenic Republic cannot trust this man and any military which he commands. The EC and EU and every other bully network these characters maintain must think of better ways to help Hellas with the greatest refugee crisis since WW2, a crisis caused by Germany

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