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Kyrgios opts out of Rio Olympics

The 21-year-old has withdrawn his name from consideration for Rio, citing "unfair and unjust treatment" by national Olympic officials

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Nick Kyrgios of Australia waves after defeating Carreno Busta of Spain during their first round match at the Australian Open tennis championships in Melbourne, Australia. Kyrgios has withdrawn his name from consideration for Australia's tennis team for the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, citing "unfair and unjust treatment" by national Olympic officials. PHOTO: AP Photo/RICK RYCROFT

03 June 2016

Nick Kyrgios has given up the chance to fulfil his childhood dream to represent Australia at the Olympic Games deciding to pull out of Rio 2016.

The announcement was made today, Friday 3 June, the 21-year-old claiming that the Australian Olympic Council (AOC) had singled him out and treated him unfairly.

"AOC's unfair and unjust treatment of me over the last four weeks, as well as the organization's crystal clear position on whether they want me to be a part of the Australian Olympic team, has solidified my final decision," said Kyrgios in a statement.

The tennis star took the opportunity to thank Tennis Australia for their support, but unfortunately it was not enough to keep him from opting out.

"Not one member of the AOC has reached out to me, my family, my team, or representatives of Tennis Australia, asking for a meeting or the opportunity to discuss their concerns," said Kyrgios.

"The AOC's unwarranted attacks on me demonstrate the organization's inability to understand the circumstances surrounding highly competitive sports.”

He also added that he hopes the AOC's treatment of him would not become a distraction and negatively affect the Australian Olympic team.

According to a report by SBS, Tennis Australia president Steve Healey expressed his disappointment with Kyrgios’ decision, namely after the player's improved on-court conduct.

"We understand Nick's decision and totally support him and his right to make it, but we are very disappointed that he has been put in this position," said Mr Healey.

"Nick is a passionate competitor and he's working hard to learn and mature in a highly pressurised environment where he is under constant public scrutiny.”

But Kyrgios is not the only Australian to be giving Rio a miss; Bernard Tomic pulled out less than a month ago based on a hectic schedule.

Based on a series of behavioural issues, last month Kyrgios and Tomic had both been put on notice by Australian Olympic team boss Kitty Chiller.

Responding to Kyrgios’ withdrawal on Friday, Ms Chiller denied that she had targeted Kyrgios or Tomic.

"In regard to selection, every athlete in contention is treated equally and fairly.

"We have no further comment on this issue," she concluded.

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The Olympic Games movement has been prostituted by big business interests. We have seen football recently scatter its shame in the wind for the whole World to see. Most sports in Australia can be bought by the gambling industry at any time. I vomit at the suggestion of donating my time or money to any professional "sport". Even the lower levels of sport which are not more than child molesting factories used to keep children tied up and kept from living. The injuries to children alone would have people in jail if they were child workers in a factory. Yelling at a twelve year old that he has to win and "put his body on the line" is a horrendous idea that only people with the lowest level of ethics consider justified. Waking children before day break and taking them to a swimming pool to swim along a black line over and over again has seen many of the m driven to suicide or close to before managing to escape stupid parents and the business machine. Taxing the poorest people and spending the money on child molesting sports has to end. Rolling rubber balls or splashing water endlessly is not needed for Australia to survive as a nation. It’s time we put these crude thugs where they belong just we have done for the Churches and religious child molesters. The Australian tax payers billions of dollars spend on nothing but to enrich thieves and scoundrels has to end. The sports grounds should be turned into community gardens and wilderness parks for children to run around freely.

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